Augusto Marietti

Good Morning folks,

it’s 7:30 am (PST) and today is an important day for us – we’ve launched the Mashape API Marketplace v0.2!

Mashape is a frictionless online API marketplace for developers that want to consume, generate or distribute any kind of service via APIs. We provide “RESTful JSON” APIs and traction to any application or service that runs somewhere on a server – instantly.

A warm thanks to the hundreds of developers that have used our product and have helped us with feedbacks, bugs and pointed us to the right direction. In particular, a big recognition goes to Tom, Keus, Sandro, Max, Dwipal, Kevin, Frank, Jimmy, Jason, Joe, Chris, Matt, Marc, David, Lane, Hunter, Bill, Zander, Mitch, Jude, Travis, Ted, Seth, Evan, Nate, Ken, Philip, Dave, Ted, and Jon.
Unknown Facts:


For any feedback, questions or insults:

Screenshot of Mashape API Marketplace version 0.2

Screenshot of Mashape API Marketplace version 0.2

Hope you’ll like it!

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