Augusto Marietti

Save the date! Apr 26/ 27 – TNW Hackathon is happening in Amsterdam!

TNW2011 HackathonThe TNW hackathon will bring world’s leading platforms (API’s and SDK’s) together with an international group of coders (Web and Mobile developers). TNW is inviting a group of 200 Mobile and Web developers, programmers, and graphic designers from all over Europe to come to Amsterdam to hack cool applications on top of the world’s leading web APIs and mobile platforms. At the end of the weekend, the results will be presented in front of the group and a jury of leading entrepreneurs and investors.

Why take part in the hackathon?

The first ever TNW Hackathon will be hosted on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday they will also be hosting the main conference with keynote speakers, start-up rally and several interesting workshops. On the Saturday after the conference, they will celebrate Queensday with more than a million people dressed in orange.

Hackathon - Let the hacking begin!

Let the hacking begin!

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