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Unicorn has become Unirest Posted 12 months ago


Yesterday we released our newest open source project, which we called unicorn, unfortunately that was also the name of two existing open source projects. We really dropped the ball and have been working hard to clean up the mess.  Our apologies to anyone in the Ruby or Python community who was confused or pissed off.  Hopefully you can look past our mistake and see the value in this project.

Since yesterday we have decided on a new name, Unirest, which we think is a great fit for the project. We also made a new website, changed out all the docs, and updated our website which autogenerates unirest API snippets.

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Another Google API bites the dust. Posted 1 year ago

In a shocking announcement Google has announced the end of Google Reader after 8 years.

So, on July 1, 2013, we will retire Google Reader. Users and developers interested in RSS alternatives can export their data, including their subscriptions, with Google Takeout over the course of the next four months.

You can certainly appreciate the reasoning, it apparently wasn’t a popular product and drained valuable resources that could be used on products that actually turn a profit. Still many people are grieving the loss of a beloved service, while others believe with Google out of the way innovation will be much more likely occur.

The problem many developers face is that they depend on the unofficial Google Reader API to power their own apps and software. This isn’t the first time Google has killed a widely used API, as many developers experienced when they shut down their unofficial weather API unexpectedly last August.

To all the developers relying on Google Reader to power your own apps and software, all hope is not lost. Already many different people are working on providing a replacement for Google Reader, including an open source clone of their API. In then end it seems that the silver lining in all of this will be a more diverse ecosystem freeing developers from being tied down to a single power like google.  The future looks bright indeed.

About The Author

Montana Flynn has been making the web a better place his entire adult life. Recently hired as the Growth Hacker here at Mashape where he will be conducting human experiments in order to better serve and attract API developers and consumers. 

a mashaper is looking for a Devangelist to explore the Galaxy Posted 1 year ago

Yes. We’re looking for our first developer evangelist that will spread our voice beyond the boundaries of mankind.

Job Description

You should know how to code. A specific programming language is not necessary in this case, but an overall understanding of machines, code and APIs is required.

De facto, you will organize and attend hackathons - you should have strong communication skills. You will inspire developers, generate contents from blog posts to tweets.

You should have a naturally affection in helping people.

You decide which conferences/summits will need to be sponsored, put the base for monthly meet-ups around US. Also, you we’ll decide the merchandise, the strategy to have a merchandise that people would love to wear - everyday. You will take care of the overall external communication of Mashape.

You will also be in charge of discovering new viral mechanics to build into the products, to accelerate the users base. You will think and create unconventional marketing actions. You will also take care of the community and analyze the happiness of our community.

You will identify and contact APIs that can list their services on Mashape; also you will think and activate strategic partnerships.


  • You’re an API Hustler
  • You love to communicate with developers and you measure the success by the happiness of our community
  • You have built web or mobile apps before and you feel yourself more a generalist developer.
  • You always want to discover new paths and new technologies
  • You have outstanding written and oral communication skills
  • You are able to travel worldwide and adapt yourself in new countries and cultures
  • You should have built at least one community around something you cared


We’re a Cloud API Hub. We make it easy to distribute, monetize, manage and consume cloud APIs. Mashape is building a world-class marketplace for cloud APIs, driven by a passionate community of developers from all over the world.

The vision is to revolutionize the way data and services are distributed and consumed.

Why we’re awesome…well you should say that ;-)

We’re friendly. We’re API Hustlers. We deploy and get things done, daily. We’re passionate about creating this new API Industry from the ground up. With you.

  • We live and work in our hacker house next to South Park - the Mashape Lair
  • As an early employee you get a true stake of the company
  • Italian Food cooked by the founders
  • A 2nd family -­‐ whatever problem outside of work; we’ll be there!
  • 2 weeks/year in a spiritual retreat with us somewhere in the world
  • Apple equipment
  • Vacation days & time off
  • Craziness & happy hour
  • Much more

Mashape is backed by top tier VCs in the world such NEA, Index Ventures, Charles River Ventures and Ignition Partners; as well as outstanding angel investors such Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) and Eric Schmidt’s (Google President) Innovation Endeavors.

Your app now has an API, automatically. Posted 3 years ago

Applications created on Mashape can be included into other apps created on the platform (see [Including shapes]), but their components (aka “shapes”) can be also called from the outside using our API infrastructure.

This means that a published application has its own APIs and also the client libraries to call them using different popular technologies. For example, your app can be called from:

  • Web Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Native Mobile Applications
  • Wherever it’s required

Your app is programmable inside and outside Mashape from day 1!

You don’t have to care about building the wrappers around the APIs, it’s our job. And also, the Mashape Client libraries allow you to call any app on our platform. One library to rule them all.

To start using it, please go to the API - Getting Started document.