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Augusto Marietti
Peldi Guilizzoni giving a talk at Business of Software 2010 Conference Image credit: Most of the times, founders think that they need VC money [mistake]. Do you really need money? There are plenty of companies that are doing very well, without any VC money. Depends on what you wanna do, depends on what is your REAL vision of your company, etc. We see numerous companies happy during angel and VC rounds (including us), but who knows that this is the most valuable road on a long term? It’s about 1 year that I wanna make a post in honor…
Augusto Marietti
Startup in Berlin Image credit: Don Charlton wrote an interesting article about his experience being in an incubator. This is a summary of the 7 lessons he wrote about in the article: 7 Lessons from My AlphaLab Experience.

Lesson 1: Even a small amount of operating capital from an investment can be extremely useful.

The primary purpose of the $15-$25K provided by startup programs is to support the development of your business. Expenses such as leasing a server, buying computers/ software manuals, paying contractors or attorneys could add up to a large amount a be a potential deterrent…
Augusto Marietti
Sand Hill Road is a road in Menlo Park, California, notable for its concentration of venture capital companies. Image credit: Raising venture capital is like adding rocket fuel to your business. For most businesses this is not warranted, creates the wrong incentives and even if it was successful, the dilution resulting from multiple rounds of VC funding means that the founders do not make enough personal money when the business is ultimately sold. Raise a small round of capital: $20k – $200k from the three F’s (friends, family and fools) Use this to build a “good enough” product