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Augusto Marietti
It’s Hackathon time again, and this time, you should participate in the biggest hackathon of this year: TechCrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon! is sponsoring this event with a simple E-commerce API which makes it easy for you to add e-commerce functionality to your website or application. You start within minutes by just downloading the client libraries for PHP, Obj-C (iOS!), Java (Android!), Ruby (Rails!) or Python (AppEngine!). Some cool ideas that you can create with the API include: Facebook app (social marketplace), iPhone app (take a pic and sell it), selling digital stuff (ebooks, 3d models, music, Flickr
Augusto Marietti
Stormtroopers working on Mashape updatesImage credit: Hey guys, Since the last update, we’ve released some exciting features!

Mashape Updates

    Python, Objective-C and Java client libraries
You can now consume any component in your preferred language. Along with PHP and Ruby, we now support five auto-generated client libraries! You can use the Objective-C client to build iOS apps, or create new exciting apps on Android in Java. If you create a component, you now support all these languages from day 1, giving you a wider distribution. is on Mashape, become a platform too!, one of the biggest european…
Augusto Marietti
Today, one of the biggest European e-commerce platform, launches its API through Mashape. We are very excited to be part of this! I think their API is the first ever that allows any developer in the world to add e-commerce functionalities in a day – yes, in a day. has chosen to create and distribute their API through Mashape, allowing developers to easily create e-commerce applications (web, mobile, desktop) in a couple of hours. Developers can simply let other users login to their application with their PayPal account, and let them put both physical and digital…