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Montana Flynn
We know how hard it is to find great APIs. So we built, an API directory where you can instantly search through thousands of APIs and discover public cloud web services. Here’s what we have waiting for you:
    An infinite scrolling list of over 10,000 APIs Community Support Uptime Status
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Chris Ismael
This is a tutorial on how to add your API(s) to Mashape.  Do note that things change quite often so if you’re reading this from the future, some things might have changed.  But we’ll update this as often as we can so everyone’s on the same page (literally!). Before we start, you would need a Mashape account.  (You can skip this part if you’ve done this already).  Go to and click on the button in the upper-right hand section of the page that says “Join Us”.  You’ll also have the option to sign up using your GitHub account. After…