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Hey Mashapers, We just launched our new version of Mashape (internally, we called it “Mashape 5”) not too long ago. In this new version, we’ve redesigned certain flows on the site which may be different from the previous version (“Mashape 4”). Specifically, we’ve revamped the API documentation design and changed it to a new 3-column layout. To help you guys out, we’ve written up a guide on how to document and publish an API on Mashape. API providers, what are you waiting for? Documenting and publishing your API is just 3 easy steps: Filling in the basic information to
Montana Flynn
We know how hard it is to find great APIs. So we built, an API directory where you can instantly search through thousands of APIs and discover public cloud web services. Here’s what we have waiting for you:
    An infinite scrolling list of over 10,000 APIs Community Support Uptime Status
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Augusto Marietti
We came across this article by Jacob Kaplan-Moss titled “What to write“. The article shares some great tips on writing great technical documentation. We’ve reproduced some parts of the article and summarized some main points below which we think would be the most useful for Mashapers.

Formats of a technical documentation

A well-documented project needs to provide many different forms of documentation. At a high level, you can break down the different types of technical documentation you need to provide into three different formats: Step-by-step tutorials, Overviews and topical guides to the various conceptual areas of your project, …