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Marco Palladino
The first public release of Kong was launched on April 27th, 2015. We are happy to announce that yesterday Kong turned 1 year old, and we are going to take this chance to recap what happened during the long and intense past 12 months.


Kong is the most popular open source API & Microservice management gateway currently on GitHub, having just crossed 5,000 stars. Although Kong is still pre-1.0 its production usage has been growing intensively in the past 12 months, reaching about 40,000 running active instances per month. (The chart above is not cumulative) Kong is…
Augusto Marietti
During the weekend Kong crossed 10,000 downloads.  Today Kong is 89 days old and you can find all the open issues and our roadmap in the Gtihub repo.  Thousands of instances started with Kong, the majority were located in Virginia as it’s the most popular AWS data center. Kong hit version 0.4 only last week (OAuth2.0 and Analytics plugins) but it’s already used in mission critical production environments, from small VC backed startups to Global2000.   Kong IPs Map   The most popular Kong distribution is Docker, followed by Debian, Centos and Ubuntu. You can try Kong on…
Marco Palladino
The latest update of Kong (0.3.2) ships with several new features, including:


    Support for SSL through an SSL Plugin. APIs can be resolved by an endpoint path. HTTP Log Plugin. Response Transformer Plugin. Request Size Limiting Plugin. Full changelog available on Kong’s repository
To update to the latest version, simply follow the installation instructions to reinstall Kong.

Roadmap to 0.4.0

    OAuth 2.0 Plugin Analytics Plugin Documentation for creating new private/public plugins in order to customize Kong
As always, we would like to invite you to contribute to the project by opening issues, submitting pull requests and chatting with the…