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Chris Ismael
Managing dependencies for your Java applications is difficult, unless you have Maven!  Maven is an Apache build manager for Java projects.  In this post, we will use a Maven plugin (Maven Assembly) to pull all the unirest-java dependencies in one bundle/jar file. Let’s get started (the steps below assume you already have Java and Git installed): Update: If you’re building for Android, please refer to this post.

1.  Download/Install Maven

To check if you already have Maven in your machine, run "mvn -version" in your Terminal.  OS X prior to Maverick already comes with Maven.  If…
Augusto Marietti
When Mashape pivoted, we needed to create a brand new data access object (DAO) implementation. There were two main constraints: flexibility and development speed. Flexibility meant a schema-free solution, to keep pushing features even if they required major changes in the database structure. Speed meant a library or a framework that could easily help us during the implementation. Previously, we were using MySQL + Hibernate. We were not able to iterate fast enough on the database as we were stuck with all those tables, columns and migration issues. Hibernate is a good product, but it’s a whole new…