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Frédéric Harper
Hi API lovers, my name is Frédéric Harper, and I’m a new Mashaper. Starting in 2015, I’ll join the fantastic Mashape team as the Head of Developer Relations.

A bit of background

I’ve been in the tech industry for more than a decade, mostly working as a mobile, and web developer in startups. Pragmatic, with a high preference on anything Open, I’ve build softwares using many technologies. More recently, my weapons of choice were HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Since a couple of years, I’ve shared my passion about technology as a former Technical Evangelist at Mozilla, and previously, at Microsoft.…
Chris Ismael
Mashape is hosting some social time and warm holiday greetings for the hackers community of San Francisco. Save the date: December 20th – 7.30pm RSVP HERE! Stormtrooper Christmas Greeting

Merry Christmas!

Join us to meet hackers, talk about all things APIs, drink, socialize, and discuss the future trends for the coming 2013! Do whatever you like; bring friends, and if you want to hack on your project all night, we do have sofas. ^__^ Free beers, drinks and pizza included! Handmade Sangria will be served. PS: Christmas trees are welcome!…
Augusto Marietti
Stormtrooper Santa…
Augusto Marietti
This is what the dev team at Mashape (Mike and Marco) learnt from their bad experience, with an happy ending. One day, we were taking a break after a hard-core coding session, drinking their daily cup of tea: Mashaper Mike with his tea We were swaggering on our perfect code base. The asyncronous jobs were working good, the thread pool was implemented perfectly, everything was perfect. We started thinking that we deserved a trip to Hawaii, where we would spend all our money laughing, joking, and drinking. BOOM! Suddenly our Java unit tests exploded. Noooo! The bug…
Augusto Marietti
Augusto Marietti
Join us! Image credit: Mashape is looking for a (UI/UX) designer that can outshine Leonardo Da Vinci. Our perfect candidate is an artist and and a poet truly passionate about imagining the future around users experiences and visual design. You will have the opportunity to have a huge impact as an early member. Responsibilities:
    Create a graphic system for the Design/Create new site graphics Improve UI elements around every single pixel Develop pixel perfect Photoshop comps Create an advance site-wide style guide Storyboard/prototype UX experiences
    Fast in Photoshop/Illustrator Excellent use of typography Outstanding sense of color Details
Augusto Marietti
Mashaper Michele Zonca gave a talk at the Kings of Code conference. Check out his slides here: Web API’s World
Augusto Marietti
Twitter love from @garrettwilkin
Augusto Marietti
Twitter love from @G_Mali
Augusto Marietti
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