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Rumors aboard Mashape's spaceship

Augusto Marietti
Stormtroopers working on Mashape updatesImage credit: Hey guys, In the last 1.5 months, we’ve worked on some major Mashape updates, and we’re excited to announce its release today:
    We support any JSON API! Until now, you had to use our PHP Server Library to distribute an API in Mashape. Today, any existing JSON API can be distributed using our open XML specification! To learn more go to the Guide. Don’t worry, if you like the PHP Library, it’s still there and you can use it as usual. The PHP Library hits version 0.7, update it! We’ve released a
Augusto Marietti
Hi there! I’m pretty excited that we are finally rolling out the first raw version of Mashape alpha. The platform is extremely powerful and it’s opening a new way for creating applications around the world… or at least we hope 😉 Mashape is only available for developers during these coming months.  We are still debugging the platform but gradually we’re inviting all developers that have requested an alpha invite. This project has literally taken our lives for long time, and more sleepless nights will come until we push out the most efficient, simple and fast development platform. Create and develop…