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Image credit:   We asked for topic suggestions and you responded loud and clear. Overwhelmingly, everyone wanted to learn more about email APIs built for developers. While I was doing research to understand which email APIs were the best, I learned a lot about this market space. So here are my thoughts on using email service providers.

10 Reason to use email APIs

Easy: One REST API call and an email is sailing through the web on its way to a destination Cheap: It’s likely that it will cost you less to use an API than rent hardware…
Chris Ismael
Note: Check out our latest API collections page for the list of updated APIs. Here’s a list of useful APIs to help you determine if that email address is real 🙂 API # Title Link 1 Verify Email simple api that checks if an email address if valid and exists. It checks the format of the address then tries to contact the server to make sure the address exists. 2 Social Media Email Search This API allows searching the popular social networks (facebook, linkedin, twitter, tumblr, myspace) for an email address. If found, the site ID will be returned. 3…