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Wikipedia defines Machine Learning as “a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with the construction and study of systems that can learn from data.” (If you arrived here looking for how to add or list an API to Mashape, you check out the Tutorials section here). Below is a compilation of APIs that have benefited from Machine Learning in one way or another, we truly are living in the future so strap into your rocketship and prepare for blastoff. OCR recognition service – is an cloud based optical recognition engine. We take images as input and we reply…
Morgan Davies
We know that working with text can be difficult at the best of times.  Ultimately, giving your readers what they want in the cleanest format ensures repeat consumers.  When we discovered AYLIEN, an incredibly intuitive Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution, we knew their API would be a welcome addition to our community. Based on NLP and machine learning algorithms, AYLIEN is focused on creating simple yet intelligent applications in the news and media space.  Their API allows you to quickly extract basic data like headlines and the body of text from a document; additionally, it offers a summarization service,…
Chris Ismael
Mashape demo at Gluecon Last week at Gluecon 2013, we had the opportunity to show some cool demos that demonstrate the breadth and sophistication of APIs you can discover and use in Mashape.  We focused on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Sentiment Analysis APIs. Below are links to demos shown during the presentation, as well as links to relevant news and references that point out to the growing popularity and importance of machine learning in the API realm. Enjoy!

Demos and APIs

World chat with local translation (using Mashape + Firebase) – Twilio phone…
Chris Ismael
Here are some Mashape APIs based on Machine Learning to prepare you for our April Hackathon tomorrow (April 6th). Example: Face Recognition using Javascript Example: Yactraq Video Topic Extraction and Transcription using Javascript Nodejs wrapper for Yactraq Creating social “signals” with Ping.It Example: Face Recognition login page