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Chris Ismael
UPDATE (Dec 10, 2013):  The instructions below are outdated.  Please head to this post on how to call Mashape APIs in your Android projects. One of the ways that Mashape facilitates easy consumption of APIs is by offering auto-generated client libraries for several programming languages, for each of the APIs.  You can see these as a row of buttons lined up in the middle-right section of each API page in Mashape. Auto-generated client libraries This saves both the API provider and consumer / developer a huge amount of coding time and manpower, which allows them to attend to more important…
Augusto Marietti
Stormtroopers working on Mashape updatesImage credit: The last month we’ve been working on two highly requested Mashape updates which we’re excited to announce today:
    Mashapers can now follow each other: follow everyone! We’ve added an Hacker Feed in your Dashboard and a “Follow” button on every user profile, so you can always be up to date on what the other Mashapers are doing. For example: when they publish or update an API, or when they start hacking on a new API you never heard before. Starting from today, Mashape is also a social API marketplace 🙂 This is the
Augusto Marietti
Stormtroopers working on Mashape updatesImage credit: Hey guys, Since the last update, we’ve released some exciting features!

Mashape Updates

    Python, Objective-C and Java client libraries
You can now consume any component in your preferred language. Along with PHP and Ruby, we now support five auto-generated client libraries! You can use the Objective-C client to build iOS apps, or create new exciting apps on Android in Java. If you create a component, you now support all these languages from day 1, giving you a wider distribution. is on Mashape, become a platform too!, one of the biggest european…