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Rumors aboard Mashape's spaceship

Christina Ng
Do you see white and gold, or black and blue? I know, I know. The dress has infamously taken the Internet by storm and here at the Mashape office, we’re pretty split as well.¬†Thankfully, we have the perfect way to objectively end the debate! The solution, of course, is to use an API ūüėČ

API to the rescue

First, we took the image of #thedress in blue and black (or white and gold to some of you) and put it through this Image Color Extraction API¬†created by Nijiko. Specifically, we used the Retrieve Palette endpoint in order to…
Chris Ismael
Got images to analyze, modify, sell, or recognize? Or do you need generate images? ¬† These Image APIs might help:   API # Title Link 1 ImageVision – NuditySearch API ImageVision‚Äôs NuditySearch Recognizing nudity is a highly complex problem. NuditySearch tackles this problem by recognizing anatomical attributes and determining if there is nudity in images. 2 Animetrics Face Recognition API The Animetrics Face Recognition API can be used to detect human faces in pictures. Information on facial features or ‚Äúlandmarks‚ÄĚ is returned as coordinates on the image.. Animetrics Face Recognition will also detect and return the orientation, or ‚Äúpose‚ÄĚ of faces…