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Chris Ismael
Here’s a useful list of resources on how to create an API, categorized by programming language. (We also have a post on 30+ ways to make a REST call in different languages) As an API Marketplace, Mashape helps developers discover, consume, distribute, and monetize private and public APIs.  We hope that the tutorials below would help you in your API journey. (If you’re looking for examples of APIs, check here for a list of face recognition APIs)

Node.js (May 2013) (May 2013) (Jul 2013) (Apr 2013) (Apr 2013) (Feb 2013) (Feb…
Chris Ismael
UPDATE (Oct 28, 2013): The post below is already outdated.  To consume Mashape APIs through node.js, we recommend that you use Unirest for node.js UPDATE (Feb 27, 2013):  Please note that we have improved the way authentication keys are handled in Mashape.  The header value below will be replaced by either the new Testing or Production Keys.  Read this post to learn more. — Hi guys, here’s a short example on how you can call APIs in Mashape through Node.js / REST.  It’s pretty straightforward. You just need to remember that you need to make a secure call using https://,…