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Rumors aboard Mashape's spaceship

The Galileo Team has been hard at work rebuilding the backend to scale and support the billions of incoming request / response data sent across multiple agents. Due to these infrastructure changes we have decided to make some slight adjustments to our plans. Going forward from today we will no longer be offering the Free Forever plan. The Free Forever plan had a good run and brought some great feedback, but it’s time to move on to a brighter and better platform. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in it. Going forward, after the 14-Day trial, accounts will be…
Augusto Marietti
Starting with the name, Mashape Analytics is now Galileo. Named after the Italian “father of modern science”, Galileo Galilei, Mashape Galileo is the father of modern API Analytics.   To keep you busy we’ve added tons of improvements:


Every step is now personalized using your current environment and account tokens, making it a breeze to start sending data. Speaking of data, instead of cluttering your environments with sample data, we now have a dedicated test environment you can pre-populate with realistic data points.   Environment Stats The Environment Dropdown was lacking something major, insight. Replacing the generic description…