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Chris Ismael
We had the opportunity to ask Chatterbox co-founder, Dr. Stuart Battersby (right), on how his startup’s Sentiment Analysis service is different from the rest.  He also explains how Mashape enables him to focus on rolling out new features, while monetizing the API.

What is Chatterbox?

Chatterbox is a Wayra London company, and a spin-out from Queen Mary University.  Using proprietary algorithms, Chatterbox identifies and understands brand (b)advocates in social media.  Whilst Chatterbox can be accessed via a web browser, integration is very important to our customers and we feel that a flexible service gives Chatterbox a new USP.  The earliest…
Chris Ismael
We’d like to invite our friendly hackers doing their Hackathon now in to try our API wares! To whet your appetite, here’s an example code that uses Facebook and Chatterbox API to analyze your friends’ status messages. You can download the source code here.  Let us know if you have any questions! Good luck guys!…
Augusto Marietti
Peldi Guilizzoni giving a talk at Business of Software 2010 Conference Image credit: Most of the times, founders think that they need VC money [mistake]. Do you really need money? There are plenty of companies that are doing very well, without any VC money. Depends on what you wanna do, depends on what is your REAL vision of your company, etc. We see numerous companies happy during angel and VC rounds (including us), but who knows that this is the most valuable road on a long term? It’s about 1 year that I wanna make a post in honor…