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Chris Ismael
Stormtroopers working on Mashape updatesImage credit: We participated in a lot of developer events and pushed out important Mashape updates: P.S. If you are around South Park, feel free to stop by for a…
Chris Ismael
Below is an excerpt from the Data2.0 newsletter article called 4 Trends in 2013 Data Innovation featuring DeveloperWeek winner Callinize 3. More startups will essentially be “Data Startups” – Callinize, the winner of our DeveloperWeek 2013 hackathon last February 1-3, is actually a mashup of 4-6 different data sources like Mashape, Salesforce, and RapLeaf. The end user might not know it, but the power of Callinize to grab intelligence on whoever is calling you (before you answer the phone) is based on the fact that Callinize is really a mashup of API’s. It’s a data startup. Across…
Chris Ismael
We would like to congratulate the “Callinize” team for winning the 43-hour DeveloperWeek 2013 Hackathon! The team doing a solid presentation to the judges during the DeveloperWeek Hackathon Judging at SPUR Urban Center

What is Callinize?

As sales people beholden to our clients, we’ve all been caught off-guard at one point when we receive an unannounced call from a certain client or customer.  The last thing you want to say is “Who is this?” with a tone reserved for telemarketers.  It’s a classic scenario that we all hope to avoid. Callinize solves all that by telling you who’s calling…