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Christina Ng
Last week, we introduced the Breezometer Air Quality API. This week, we have a second guest post from Breezometer on how to create an Air Quality and Weather API mashup. The goal of this post is to demonstrate how easy it is to integrate BreezoMeter’s Air Quality Data through Mashape platform. There are endlessness use cases for Air Quality data, and this is just a small example on how we used Mashape’s awesome API service.   In the example below, we decided to use PHP foundation of WordPress that will combine our API with the Simple weather API on…
Christina Ng
The following is a guest post from Breezometer. Don’t forget to consume the Breezometer Air Quality API on Mashape! Recently announced as “the most promising startup company in 2014” by Global Entrepreneurship Week, BreezoMeter’s unique API has just landed on Mashape. BreezoMeter was invented to make air quality data as simple, intuitive and actionable as weather. The company’s core technology is in mapping air quality – historical, real time and projected – at street-level resolution. This is unique and valuable information that has many interesting use cases for many types of businesses and people.

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