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Chris Ismael
Api World app in Windows 8 If you’re a Windows 8 developer, install the Api World app for Windows 8.1 now.  From the app description:

Description of API World

APIworld is an application to help developers find the API they need, easily. Developers will get randomly themed APIs and randomly picked APIs to try out. You can also use the Search charm to search for any APIs and the Share charm to share the API they like.


    Random API every time you open the app Search and Share Charm Features
The app was created by Abdullah Abbas aka “socialstalker”,  …
Augusto Marietti
Applications created on Mashape can be included into other apps created on the platform, but their components can be also called from the outside using our API infrastructure. This means that a published application has its own APIs and also the client libraries to call them using different popular technologies. For example, your app can be called from:
    Web Applications Desktop Applications Native Mobile Applications Wherever it’s required
Your app is programmable inside and outside Mashape from day 1! You don’t have to care about building the wrappers around the APIs, it’s our job. And also, the Mashape Client libraries…