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Augusto Marietti
Today we’re very happy to announce 2 new great APIs on the Mashape API marketplace.

Funambol API

For those who are not familiar with it, Funambol is the leading mobile open source project and leading provider of open sourced mobile cloud sync for billions of phones. MyFunambol is one of its products and it allows you to sync across multiple devices everyday.
    Sync a picture from your phone to the cloud, to share them on Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, computers, tablets, and more. Keep cellphone contacts and calendar in sync with Outlook and Gmail Maintain a backup in the cloud (in
Augusto Marietti
Save the date! Apr 26/ 27 – TNW Hackathon is happening in Amsterdam! The TNW hackathon will bring world’s leading platforms (API’s and SDK’s) together with an international group of coders (Web and Mobile developers). TNW is inviting a group of 200 Mobile and Web developers, programmers, and graphic designers from all over Europe to come to Amsterdam to hack cool applications on top of the world’s leading web APIs and mobile platforms. At the end of the weekend, the results will be presented in front of the group and a jury of leading entrepreneurs and investors.

Why take

Augusto Marietti
Mashape CEO, Augusto Marietti, wrote a Guest Post on Business e via Italy. Here’s the original post: API stands for “Application Programming Interface” and at first look seems complicated, instead the concept is pretty simple. Since we founded Mashape, “The first APIs Marketplace”, I thought that could be interesting to share some thoughts. Imagine that your company is a house, so all of your value (like data) is inside the house, the most important asset. Well, API is just the main door of your house, it allows you to transfer, exchange your data to other companies or single developers,…
Augusto Marietti
Stormtroopers working on Mashape updatesImage credit: Hey guys, Since the last update, we’ve released some exciting features!

Mashape Updates

    Python, Objective-C and Java client libraries
You can now consume any component in your preferred language. Along with PHP and Ruby, we now support five auto-generated client libraries! You can use the Objective-C client to build iOS apps, or create new exciting apps on Android in Java. If you create a component, you now support all these languages from day 1, giving you a wider distribution. is on Mashape, become a platform too!, one of the biggest european…
Augusto Marietti
Here’s a video clip of Mashape CEO Augusto Marietti presenting the Mashape platform!…
Augusto Marietti
Mashape CEO, Augusto, wrote a guest post on SiliconANGLE.  This post originally appeared on our blog here: The API market is taking a big shape
Augusto Marietti
An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a Web based software application or web tool. Since we founded Mashape, “The first API Marketplace”, I thought it would be interesting to share some numbers and major players of this new API market. API word cloud

A bit of History

API is a very old concept; but API in the cloud, accessible everywhere by anyone, the so called Open API, is a completely new story. In 2000, the first company that embraced this route was Ebay, pushing out some API to…
Augusto Marietti
Good Morning folks, it’s 7:30 am (PST) and today is an important day for us – we’ve launched the Mashape API Marketplace v0.2! Mashape is a frictionless online API marketplace for developers that want to consume, generate or distribute any kind of service via APIs. We provide “RESTful JSON” APIs and traction to any application or service that runs somewhere on a server – instantly. A warm thanks to the hundreds of developers that have used our product and have helped us with feedbacks, bugs and pointed us to the right direction. In particular, a big recognition goes to Tom,…
Augusto Marietti
Applications created on Mashape can be included into other apps created on the platform, but their components can be also called from the outside using our API infrastructure. This means that a published application has its own APIs and also the client libraries to call them using different popular technologies. For example, your app can be called from:
    Web Applications Desktop Applications Native Mobile Applications Wherever it’s required
Your app is programmable inside and outside Mashape from day 1! You don’t have to care about building the wrappers around the APIs, it’s our job. And also, the Mashape Client libraries…
Augusto Marietti
Hey World, We’re very excited to announce our First Angel Round funding.  Almost all startups have to pass over this step. So there is nothing surprising with that. But our story till now wasn’t so easy. Most of the time Americans don’t understand how harder is to achieve the same milestones if you are outside of this world, than in the USA, if you are just a little guy with a big dream 7000 miles away from San Francisco. You have to get into the network when nobody knows you. We grew up in Italy; it’s not the kind of…
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