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Chris Ismael
We had the opportunity to ask Chatterbox co-founder, Dr. Stuart Battersby (right), on how his startup’s Sentiment Analysis service is different from the rest.  He also explains how Mashape enables him to focus on rolling out new features, while monetizing the API.

What is Chatterbox?

Chatterbox is a Wayra London company, and a spin-out from Queen Mary University.  Using proprietary algorithms, Chatterbox identifies and understands brand (b)advocates in social media.  Whilst Chatterbox can be accessed via a web browser, integration is very important to our customers and we feel that a flexible service gives Chatterbox a new USP.  The earliest…
Augusto Marietti
Chatterbox Analytics (a spin-out company from Queen Mary, University of London) is pleased to announce the release of the new sentiment detection API for social texts. This API is designed specifically to classify short social messages, such as tweets, into positive or negative categories. The system uses advanced statistical models trained (they have partnered with Intel to use their super computer for model training) on 68 million tweets. The detection can handle slang, common misspellings, emoticons, hashtags, etc. The API adopts a freemium model – a free version and a paid version which gives users more flexibility. The system currently…