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KONG, the king of open-source API management platforms, is in my (totally not biased) opinion an extremely cool tool. From startups to enterprises, companies have tons of APIs (growth of APIs within Mashape) and they need to be managed in a simple and effective way. Instead of building functionalities into each microservice KONG deploys a solution for managing them based on your needs – focus on excelling at microservices instead of the boring stuff.

Microservices just like sushi

When I was explaining microservices to my cousin, and why they’re cool, I told him to imagine microservices like awesome…
Augusto Marietti
Since the beginning, we added the capability to upload a logo to visually identify you and your API. In order to support this feature, we designed an interface defining basic operations on the uploaded images: load, save, move and delete. Thankfully, our FileManager is no longer running like this Image credit: The first implementation was simple and fast to deliver: an abstraction of the local filesystem. This was fine during the development phase, on our laptops. However, it was not possible to scale with this solution as every server would have his own copy of the files locally. Hence,…