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List of 15+ University APIs Posted 4 months ago


If your university API is not here, please tweet to @mashape .  And on to the list, In no particular order:

HarvardEventsHarvardEvents knows about events from 2009-05-27 onward. New events (or changes to old events) may take up to 24 hours to appear in HarvardEvents’s database.

MIT IST (Information Services and Technology) Web APIs - Application developers can integrate with or consume data from these systems using a standard protocol for doing so, instead of using a custom, application-specific protocol (Moira, MITID DB) or raw SQL (Data Warehouse, RolesDB).

University of Cambridge Library Data - Returns locally held library information such as location, opening hours etc., with data presented in XML elements (for consistency with other web services).

UC Berkeley - Live data from campus APIs

Stanford University Course Data - A course data API is available to students and faculty. This API allows developers to programmatically query the course database. For more information, please contact Jim Sproch.

BYU CalendarThe calendar API is a service that provides calendar items and calendar categories for local consumption

BYU Academic - University course and curriculum support service

University of Oxford Systems Status - The system monitors the availability of a number of IT services provided by the University of Oxford.

Princeton University WordNet - A lexical database for English

Caltech Exoplanet Archive - provides access to the Exoplanet Archive

University of Michigan - campus-related APIs

NUS (Singapore) IVLE - The IVLE LAPI is available to developers who wish to integrate to the following tools on IVLE.

University of Pennsylvania Data WarehouseYou can use online electronic forms to request new or updated access to participating administrative systems.

University of Illinois CITES LENSLens, a campus network information system.

University of Chicago Data Feeds - UChicago Mobile Center

Johns Hopkins University Hub - Research article retrieval service

Cornell eBird Web Services - bird species information 

University of Toronto EASIRepository of Student Information, stores student information where it can be accessed by the university’s students and staff.

Is this list missing your university API?  Tweet to @mashape so we can add it here

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