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Mashape Launches To The Public. Now open to every Developer and API. Posted 1 year ago

Hello mashapers,

We’re super excited to tell you that we’re now officially open for every API and every developer in the world. We’re now powering more than 400 APIs and thousands of developers are relying on Mashape APIs, everyday. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback in the coming weeks.

To be part of the movement, you can simply join us on Mashape.

Hacker note: for those sad developers that were using the API (for face detection), we now have an amazing free replacment created by Lambda Labs


Mashape has added some useful features in the last year: For API providers, it now provides a ready-to-go billing system for their APIs with custom plans for private customers, the ability to charge for specific objects (SMS, MB, calls, data points, etc), auto-generated documentation and client libraries, an issues system in case the API is malfunctioning, and powerful distribution via a community of developers. For API consumers, it gives a unified place to consume multiple APIs. Mashape is the only place where you can subscribe to any API using just a single credit card, consume APIs using just the Mashape Keys and analyze the usage of all APIs consumed through its Consumer Console.

We have a lot of surprises in the pipeline and we’ll stay focused on improving the happiness and the experience of the Mashape community.