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Terimah Kasih from Mashape! Posted 1 year ago

That’s “thank you” in Indonesian. (..err, I hope!)

(Picture from

Recently we had the privelege of being part of Nokia Indonesia’s Lumia Apps Olymiad as prize sponsor for the Mashape/Chatterbox category. The developers who participated had twenty APIs (including the likes of Evernote, and Nokia’s own APIs) to choose from to incorporate in their mobile apps.  Here’s a screenshot of the participating APIs.

We would like to congratulate the Kepotify app (video link) for winning the Mashape/Chatterbox category, as well as runner-up Pondok Sukabirus 2.  Awesome job by these developers for bringing the Chatterbox API to life in their app entries!  (We’ll post some event pics as soon as we get them).

Thanks to Nokia Indonesia for organizing the Lumia Apps Olympiad. Also, props to Narenda Wicaksono from Nokia for organizing such a successful event!  And finally, special thanks to Stuart Battersby of Chatterbox, who sponsored an Ultra Chatterbox plan for the winner :)

Moving forward, we’ll partner with more companies, promote and collaborate with API providers, and reach out to more developers to do our small part in raising the awareness of the API ecosystem.  We hope you’d join us in this journey, and in Facebook and Twitter too :P

- Chris