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Status snapshot display for APIs Posted 1 year ago

We have just rolled out another cool feature in Mashape - the Status snapshot display of  Mashape APIs

Check out an example here.

This “quick glance” information provides both app developers and API providers with useful information such as whether the API is currently online or offline, average uptime, latency, and the same data spread out for a week on a graph.  The Status display is a huge timesaver (and will complement your good old debug and log outputs) in scenarios such as:

1. Planning - e.g. “What average timeout value should I set in my application to consume this API?”

2. Historical Analysis - e.g. “My Party Night API seems to take longer to respond during Fridays. Hmm.”

To access the Status of a Mashape API, go to its Profile page and click the “Status” link on the left navigation pane.

We’re excited to hear your inputs on this new Mashape feature.  Send us your message through Facebook, Twitter or email us at