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APIs for DeveloperWeek 2013 Hackathon Projects Posted 1 year ago

The DeveloperWeek 2013 Hackathon has started!  Check out these cool hackathon projects in HackerLeague.

To help out the participants, below is a list of API suggestions, one for each of the 20 teams participating in the DeveloperWeek 2013 Hackathon.  

(Don’t forget - you can qualify for Mashape prizes (Roomba, Surface RT, $500) if you’re using a Mashape API in your hacks :))

1. Talkify - Turn your chat sentences into Yoda Speak!

2. Airbnb Catering - Lace it with nearby food and restaurant deals with 8coupons.

3. Visionboard - reinforce social accountability with nearby social activities through Placesocial.

4. SwaggerHacker - (need more info!)

5. SaiPrize - (need more info!)

6. Bottlecaps - Reward loyal customers for sharing videos, links, and special offers with friends in Facebook through Yupiq.

7. CommuteFree - expand journeys throughout the world with Rome2Rio.

8. Social Tunes - get more tunes info with musiXmatch.

9. Display Ad - add relevant social media context with Placesocial.

10. TeacherWork - check out this ODesk API.

11. Safe Activist - disassociate profiles with a password that expires using One Time Password Service

12. What It’s Like - Try plotting tweets with location on a map and running it through a Social Media Sentiment Analysis API

13. Continuous Deployment - (need more info)

14. ScreenYourFriends - Need a mobile app?  There’s an API for that.

15. Quora footnotes - (Need more info)

16. Augmentation project - add context to location using this Sensors API.

17. Volunteer Management - Odesk for projects?

18. Yelp for rentals - Store geolocations perform high performance location queries with Picbox.

19. FlyVerify - Similar to this?

20. Crowdfunding for sale to retailers - Cashboard includes a project management API

A few more suggestions:

Hope this is useful!  Don’t forget - you can qualify for Mashape prizes (Roomba, Surface RT, $500) if you’re using a Mashape API in your hacks :)

Good luck to all participants!