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Report and Track API Issues in Mashape Posted 1 year ago

We just released a new section in the API profile page called “Issues” that would allow developers to report an issue or open a discussion with the API owner regarding his/her API.

Developers can open an API issue by navigating to “Issues” on the left-hand side panel of the API profile page, and clicking on “New Issue” button on the upper-right hand corner.

You can then proceed to type in the Title and Description/Comment for your issue and click “Submit” when done.  At this point, the API owner will see that the “Issues” navigation panel section will be highlighted in gray, with a number representing the number of issues that are currently open.

The discussion can then proceed with several options:

  • Developers can "Like" the issue (A useful indicator to API owners that it is a common issue that needs to be addressed)
  • Developers can add Comments to provide other useful information for the API owner 
  • The developer or the API owner can choose to Close the issue if it has already been addressed.  Closed issues can be tracked inside the Closed tab for historical purposes.
  • Developers can Un-follow the Issues if you want to opt out of the notifications from the comments.

We hope that this new feature will encourage a healthy and robust discussion between API owners and consumers/developers.  This will result to better APIs, and therefore a stronger API Marketplace.

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