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Rest Api con @orliesaurus — Michele Nasti (@micnasti) March 27, 2015 Mashape recently had the pleasure of speaking at Codemotion, a developer-led conference held in Rome on 27th-28th March, with our Mashaper, @orliesaurus, in attendance. The conference, held at one of Rome’s many universities, was jam-packed, with a huge crowd of talented developers in attendance. Most of the attendees poured into Rome from all over Italy, with many even flying in from abroad to participate. IoT, 3D printing, microservices and remote working were just some of the hot topics the conference focused on.

Attending Codemotion

Christina Ng
The following is a guest post from Breezometer. Don’t forget to consume the Breezometer Air Quality API on Mashape! Recently announced as “the most promising startup company in 2014” by Global Entrepreneurship Week, BreezoMeter’s unique API has just landed on Mashape. BreezoMeter was invented to make air quality data as simple, intuitive and actionable as weather. The company’s core technology is in mapping air quality – historical, real time and projected – at street-level resolution. This is unique and valuable information that has many interesting use cases for many types of businesses and people.

Why use 

Montana Flynn
Every March, college basketball fans find themselves deep in the throes of March Madness, even President Obama gets in on the fun. Here at Mashape, we were disappointed to find that developers were not invited to the party. The NCAA has no official APIs available. In fact, we couldn’t find any free public API out there! Something had to be done, so we made our own just in time for the Sweet Sixteen. Unfortunately, the NCAA and other sports leagues have yet to embrace open data and the innovations it can spur. Imagine a bracket predicting engine, real-time matchup-based…
Frédéric Harper
Creative Commons image: There is nothing more exciting than seeing hackers use their creativity in a small amount of time to create an amazing piece of software using APIs from Mashape. This is why we often participate and sponsor hackathons. Most of the time we sponsor a category prize; where to win, you must use one of the 10,000+ APIs in our marketplace. We strive to find cool prizes you’ll enjoy, such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi starting kits, RC Quadcopters, Android tablets, and more. Since teams usually consist of four members, we always have a prize for each…
Augusto Marietti
Users of the Mashape Marketplace enjoy access to automatically generated code snippets for every API listed in the market. Today, we’re sharing the love with everyone: Announcing a free service to auto-generate embeddable code snippets in many programming languages for your website, blog or API documentation. We’re starting with a number of languages/cli tools including: cURL, Go, Java, Python, HTTPie, Node.js, Objective-C, OCaml, PHP, Wget, with more to come as we expand the service.   The service is open-source, so you can contribute your favorite programming language as well. We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions! Head…
Frédéric Harper
Creative Commons: We are Web people, and we believe in the power of creating connections online: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. You name it, we have a presence there so you can always reach us. We also think that as great as our relationship can be online, nothing will replace face-to-face interaction. Being present at user groups and conferences are a great way to meet new people, and strengthen virtual relations. Now, there is an easy way for you to request for us to speak at your conference, mentor your hackathon or sponsor your event.…
Every other weekend, there is a hackathon to attend. Not all hackathons are the same though. Attendees, food, sponsors, ideas, and location all vary constantly and bring a unique vibe. Engineering your idea from 0 till the time you demo to everyone else on stage is a unique feeling. If you’ve never been to a hackathon, you should go. In my life, I have attended tons of hackathons around the globe. I used to go to one a week in my earlier days; sometimes, I split myself between two hackathons too! I have always been impressed by the passion…
Frédéric Harper
DataVR team at UofTHacks At Mashape, we love hackathons! A month ago, we were at Canada’s University of Toronto UofTHacks; which featured a full weekend of coding and more than 500 students from all across Canada. I was there to represent Mashape, give out amazing t-shirts, spread the API love with our stickers, award a prize, and most importantly, act as a mentor and help students with their development issues. Mashape had a prize for the best application using an API from our marketplace. With so many APIs to choose from, it was easy for students to select a…
Christina Ng
Do you see white and gold, or black and blue? I know, I know. The dress has infamously taken the Internet by storm and here at the Mashape office, we’re pretty split as well. Thankfully, we have the perfect way to objectively end the debate! The solution, of course, is to use an API 😉

API to the rescue

First, we took the image of #thedress in blue and black (or white and gold to some of you) and put it through this Image Color Extraction API created by Nijiko. Specifically, we used the Retrieve Palette endpoint in order to…
  Earlier this month, I attended the APIdays conference in Sydney, organized by Saul Caganoff of Sixtree and supported by the ever present Mehdi Medjaoui. Mashape is a recurring face at APIdays, where we’ve been a supporter of the event from the beginning. The conference consists of two tracks over two days. Experts, evangelists and enthusiasts were welcome to attend and learn about what’s happening in the API space.   APIDays Sydney near Redfern hosted in an old repurposed train station   I personally enjoyed talks that featured topics less often discussed in the API landscape, such as security…
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