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Check out the winners at #APIHackDay SF 2013! Posted 9 months ago


This past weekend we were at Parisoma for APIHackDay SF 2013.  API HackDay SF brings developers together for an all-day coding fest focused on building apps and mashups with APIs.

At the end of the 8-hour hackathon, about 20 teams presented their apps to evangelists from MasheryOpenTokSendGridTwilioContext.IOBigCommerceMashape, and Apiphany.  There were prize categories from each company, as well as overall top three prizes. 

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List of 50+ Face Detection / Recognition APIs, libraries, and software Posted 10 months ago


There has been a lot of buzz around Face Recognition since Google Glass was announced.  We believe that face recognition will open up a ton of possibilities in how we interact not just with each other, but with objects as well - whether it’s with Glass or not.

To help you in your journey of exploring face recognition, we have below a long list of face detection and recognition APIs that you can use for your applications.  Enjoy!

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Call Mashape APIs in your Windows 8 and .NET applications Posted 10 months ago


As proud contributors to the open source community, nothing makes us happier than getting feedback and support from developers who like to make things better.

Shortly after we released, we received a ton of feedback from developers who would like to get a Windows 8 and .NET port.  Before we can even get to it, we received contributions from Michael Azarkevich and Michael Sync that ports Unirest to the two platforms.  To the two Michaels, a HUGE THANK YOU!  You rock \m/

We have officially rolled them in with the rest of the Unirest libraries here.  You can also check out this Unirest Windows 8 tutorial.  We’d like to get more feedback on them, and if you find something’s amiss, send us a pull request ;)

Leading Silicon Valley Innovators to Tackle Global Innovation Challenges Posted 10 months ago


Mashape is proud to announce that our growth hacker, Montana Flynn, has been selected by British Airways and its partners to participate in UnGrounded Thinking, the company’s inaugural Innovation Lab in the Sky. 

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Get the right date, near you, with LoveHere! Posted 10 months ago

We’re always excited with interesting apps that make use of Mashape APIs.  One in particular is the recent winner of the Mashape Skybiometry prize category in APIDays Mediterranea.  Their app is called LoveHere:


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Congratulations to our #Angelhack NYC Mashape category winners! Posted 10 months ago


We would like to congratulate the two teams that won the Mashape categories at AngelhackNYC!  Awesome job guys! We look forward to opening up opportunities for you by promoting your hacks with the Mashape community, and connecting you with developers/entrepreneurs/businesses that might take interest :)

Also, congratulations to the AngelhackNYC grand prize winner Kronicle! As well as the 70+ teams that participated in AngelhackNYC.  We’d reach out to everyone soon!

And finally, thanks to the organizers of Angelhack and Huge for arranging a well-attended hackathon in New York.

Without further ado, our winners!

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Unirest for .NET (C#, VB.NET, etc) Desktop and Windows 8 apps Posted 10 months ago

After the successful launch of Unirest, an open source lightweight http client library, we received a lot of requests for a C# .NET port on Windows Desktop and Windows 8.  Even before we got to work, we’ve received contributions from the open source community who ported Unirest to .NET.

This tutorial will show you how to use the Windows 8 (RT) port of Unirest in your application (We will follow this up with the Windows Desktop port in a later post, but it will follow pretty much the same steps).  Let’s get started!

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#AngelhackNYC Mashape API partner prizes + demos Posted 10 months ago


We’re live here at AngelhackNYC!  Here are some links to demos and prizes that will be shown in our presentation in a bit :)  Good luck to all participants!


  1. List of 40+ Machine learning APIs - 
  2. Skybiometry Face Recognition (WebRTC) -
  3. Face recognition using Javascript -
  4. International chat in your local language -
  5. Profanity API -!documentation
  6. Nudity Search API -!documentation
  7. Face mash API -!documentation
  8. Get app API inspiration/ideas here! -
  9. Tweet Sentiments -!endpoint-TweetSentiments-by-search-query
  10. Springsense Meaning Recognition -!documentation
  11. Recommendation engine -!documentation
  12. Pinterest nude remover -


  1. Springsense (Meaning Recognition) - 
    • $500 Amazon gift card
    • $1000 per month of API usage for a year
  2. (Recommendation engine)- 1st place - 1 yr subscription at Advanced user level; 2nd place - 1 yr subscription at advanced user level; 3rd place - 3 mo. subscription and feature on our website
  3. Skybiometry (Face recognition) - Prize of subscription to our service in 300 EUR  of value. It can be  our standard (40000 calls per month, 1000 trained images database capacity) subscription for half of the year (Unlock code: AngelHackNYC2013).

Skybiometry Plans: 

  1. Valid 14 days after start of the respective event regardless of activation time
  2. 5000 API calls, 1000 hourly limit, 5000 daily limit

Instructions to unlock special plans for the Skybiometry in hackathon:

  1. Sign or create account (additionally to Mashape account) at
  2. After login, go to “Account” page and under “Subscription” section select “upgrade or change”
  3. After “Select subscription” page appears, enter unlock code to “Special offer unlock code:” field and press “Unlock” button
  4. After additional subscription plan appears, press “Upgrade” button under it
  5. Press “Confirm” button in popped up dialog box

Gluecon 2013 - Mashape demos and links on Machine Learning Posted 10 months ago


Last week at Gluecon 2013, we had the opportunity to show some cool demos that demonstrate the breadth and sophistication of APIs you can discover and use in Mashape.  We focused on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Sentiment Analysis APIs.  

Below are links to demos shown during the presentation, as well as links to relevant news and references that point out to the growing popularity and importance of machine learning in the API realm.


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