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List of 30+ Summarizer APIs, libraries, and software Posted 8 months ago


This is a list of summarizer APIs, libraries, and software.  We’d like to keep this list fresh so feel free to suggest additions - tweet it to us @mashape .  Enjoy!

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Be reminded with Beeminder, now on Mashape! Posted 8 months ago


Do you have problems setting new goals and sticking to them?  We’ve just discovered your solution and, guess what, it’s available in an API.  Amazing!

Your goals can be anything quantifiable — weight, pushups, number of cigarettes, or how long it takes you to bike to work.  Answer with your number when Beeminder asks — or connect a physical fitness monitoring device — and the API will show your progress and a Yellow Brick Road to follow to stay on track.

If you go off track, you pledge money to stay on the road the next time.  If you go off track again, Beeminder charges you.  Nothing like an API to keep you fit and your bank account strong.  Try it on Mashape today.

GoSquared real-time traffic monitoring joins Mashape Posted 8 months ago


GoSquared is a real-time traffic-monitoring app that provides an overview of a website’s visitors in a single glance.  The GoSquared API lets a developer see which pages are most popular, as well as granular information on every visitor currently on their website.  GoSquared displays how a visitor is browsing, including their origination point, what type of browser they’re using, operating system, and screen size of the visitor.

To help distribute GoSquared’s API they selected Mashape’s API marketplace.  We pride ourselves on having an easy integration solution and robust analytics for our community of developers and API providers.  “APIs make the world go round for us and we understand the importance of being able to get up and running in minutes. That’s why we were drawn to Mashape,” said Hugh Hopkins of GoSquared.  We’re excited have GoSquared join our community. 

Looking for a job? Try Indeed, now available on Mashape Posted 8 months ago


Indeed is the #1 job site worldwide with over 100 million unique visitors per month.  Their service is available in more than 50 countries and 26 languages, covering 94% of the global GDP.

You may search the Indeed job index using their API.  This allows you to submit job searches and receive results via a structured format which can be incorporated into your website or application. 

Try Indeed’s API absolutely free of charge for commercial and non-commercial purposes. 

Mashape Rocks a Thursday Night Posted 9 months ago

Thanks to our friend Mustafa Khan and everyone at Innovation Endeavors we got an early start to the weekend.  Last night DJ Effit kept the party going and chef Mark Mullan prepared the best guacamole and quesadillas we’ve every tasted.  Thanks guys!

Artist George Lin dropped by Mashape’s office and created an amazing cityscape of San Francisco.  We asked our guests to sign their names and add a little color to the mural.  Looks incredible, don’t you think?

Have a great weekend – party like a Mashaper!


Insto on Mashape brings realtime web to your application Posted 9 months ago


Mashape is proud to have Insto join our community.   Insto is an API designed to bring realtime web to your application.  Utilizing SSL secured javascript and REST APIs, Insto lets you add scalable and secure realtime functionality within minutes. 

Insto utilizes a combination of HTML5 Websockets and Node.Js to make the realtime communication possible, with its Javascript API providing compatibility all the way back to Internet Explorer 6. 

As Insto states, “we believe that developers should be concentrating on creating exciting applications, not managing complicated systems or infrastructure.”

Give Insto a try, we think you’ll like it!

List of 50+ SMS APIs Posted 9 months ago


How many SMS APIs do you know about?  Apparently there are a ton of them, as you can see from the list below!  Hope this helps in your app development.

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We’re having a contest! Posted 9 months ago

Visit for details and instructions. Contest ends July 22nd. 

You like cool stuff? So do we! That’s why we are having a contest this week where you can win awesome schnitzel. It’s pretty basic, you share our API marketplace with others and we reward you with prizes.

The grand prize winner will receive a Parrot AR Drone2.0! So everyone has a fair shot at winning something we will also be awarding 5 random participants with $50 thinkgeek gift cards. Trust us, there is a lot of great geeky things you could get for $50 from thinkgeek. 

Good luck everyone!

Mashape API Usage Alert Posted 9 months ago

As an API Marketplace, Mashape facilitates billing for API providers and consumers.  As such, we continuously strive to provide features and tools that help developers manage their API subscriptions.  

We are happy to announce that we are now sending usage alerts.  When you approach 80% of your subscribed plan limit, we’ll send you an email.

We hope that you find this feature useful in managing your API subscriptions.  As always, please feel free to send us a note at if you have comments and suggestions.

#HumanAPI hackathon finishes with 30 health-focused apps Posted 9 months ago


Last weekend we had the privilege of being a sponsor to the launch/hackathon of Human API.  The Human API is a platform that lets developers easily and securely integrate health data into their apps.  It lets you aggregate all your health information from other providers/APIs and selectively access health information in groups (e.g. Activities, Blood glucose, etc).  This gives developers a holistic view of a person’s health information that can be used to contribute to the progress in the medical/health industry through apps.

The 24-hackathon ended with 30 creative projects ranging from a 'Mommy' app (that constantly nags you to get into exercise mode) to something more practical like the 'Patient Intake Forms' which takes out the pain of filing out forms repeatedly.  You can check out the whole list of projects here.

Here are some teams that used APIs that are listed in Mashape.  Needless to say, they are our favorites! ;) 

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