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Semantic Relatedness API now available on Mashape Posted 7 months ago

Semantic flexibility and approximation are a fundamental part of intelligent behavior that semantic applications are expected to deliver. 

The Amtera Semantic Relatedness API provides an easy-to-use service, which supports applications accessing a large-scale distributional knowledge base.  The API’s core operation is to calculate the semantic relatedness between pairs of text excerpts based on the likeness of their meaning or semantic content.   By incorporating semantic approximations and disambiguation functionalities, Amtera can differentiate between a movie star and a star cluster or galaxy.

The service is optimized to support the high throughput needed for industry applications.  Currently the service is available in English and Portuguese.  Additional languages, such as German, Spanish, French, and Italian will be available in October.  Mashape is excited to have Amtera join our community.  Give their API a try today!

Want to Tango with Mashape? Posted 7 months ago

Tango Card is pioneering the next generation of rewards programs in enterprise.  The Rewards as a Service API, or RaaS, is helping companies drive real business results.  With Tango you can easily send and track rewards and gifts to your customers and employees.  Real rewards are a critical part of any business strategy – whether customer loyalty, customer acquisition and retention or employee engagement. 

Tango’s API lets you elegantly connect their sophisticated rewards program into your own platform; plus, you can add the option to send rewards directly from within your own app increasing its stickiness.  RaaS is helping companies drive critical business results by delighting customers and employees with real rewards at the right time.

It takes two to Tango, so try their API today.  Your customers will be happy you joined the dance.  

List of 40+ tutorials on how to create an API Posted 7 months ago


Here’s a useful list of resources on how to create an API, categorized by programming language. (We also have a post on 30+ ways to make a REST call in different languages)

As an API Marketplace, Mashape helps developers discover, consume, distribute, and monetize private and public APIs.  We hope that the tutorials below would help you in your API journey. 

(If you’re looking for examples of APIs, check here for a list of face recognition APIs)


  2. (May 2013)
  3. (May 2013)
  4. (Jul 2013)
  5. (Apr 2013)
  6. (Apr 2013)
  7. (Feb 2013)
  8. (Feb 2013)
  9. (Jan 2013)
  10. (Nov 2012)
  11. (Feb 2012)


  1. (May 2013)
  2. (2011)
  3. (2010)
  4. (2009)
  5. (Feb 2009)
  6. (2009)
  7. (2008)
  8. (2005)


  1. (May 2013)
  2. (2012)
  3. (2011)
  4. (2011)
  5. (2010)


  1. (Jun 2013)
  2. (May 2013)
  3. (Apr 2013)
  4. (2011)
  5. (2008)
  6. (2006)


  1. (Jun 2013)
  2. (Aug 2013)
  3. (May 2013)
  4. (Apr 2013)
  5. (Mar 2013)
  6. (2012)
  7. (2012)
  8.,-part-1 (2012)
  9. (2012)



Are there useful tutorials on creating APIs that should be here?  Please send us a tweet @mashape

Google Rank Checker on Mashape Posted 7 months ago

Do you have time to check and keep track of your Google rankings?  We imagine you’re slammed like us, so we’re glad to have WhereStand’s API join our community.

WhereStand is a powerful search engine rank-monitoring app.  Their API checks, tracks and analyzes your Google rankings; plus, it helps automate the reporting aspect of your SEO.   Of particular interest, WhereStand has built-in alerts, activity recording, CSV reports, custom metrics, analytics, multi-user management, and competition tracking.

 Save yourself some time and try the WhereStand API, now!

DNS & Server Load Balancing API joins Mashape Posted 7 months ago is a cloud based DNS and Global Server Load Balancing solution that provides full authoritative DNS services and DNS-based geographical traffic balancing, failover, high availability and geographical routing.

The DNS protocol is used to associate IP addresses to hostnames in order to make Internet resources reachable.  Static DNS returns one or more IP addresses associated to one hostname.  However, static DNS has no way to understand if your website, application, or data center is alive and reachable or not, and has no way to understand if they are performing properly according to your service levels.  As a result, traditional DNS systems cannot provide a consistent, always-available user experience.’s API is a fully dynamic DNS solution that monitors your datacenters and servers in order to provide consistent access to your websites and applications to your customers and users.  The API replies to DNS queries by returning the best available IP address(es) based on how your website/application is performing and based on dynamic criteria such as your customer / client geographical position.  We think you’ll like’s API, give it a try!


Twinword natural language API joins Mashape Posted 7 months ago

The Twinword API collects how people associate concepts in mind through word association tests, word graph dictionary, e-commerce recommendations, document topic detection and more.

 Twinword products are based on its patented technology of compiling a massive database that understands, organizes and extracts true knowledge from websites and information repositories in a way that mimics natural human thought.

As more partners, companies and users access Twinword’s Word Graph API, the more it grows naturally into an ever-updated and powerful contextual information provider.   Help Mashape grow Twinword and try out their API today.

List of 20+ Domain & IP API Tools Posted 7 months ago


Here’s a useful list domain and IP API tools.  Let us know if there are other APIs that should be on this list (

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List of 18 APIs to Protect your Site Posted 7 months ago


Whether it’s inappropriate content, spam, or fraud prevention - protecting your site should be a priority.  Here are some APIs to help you strengthen the fort.

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List of 30+ Summarizer APIs, libraries, and software Posted 8 months ago


This is a list of summarizer APIs, libraries, and software.  We’d like to keep this list fresh so feel free to suggest additions - tweet it to us @mashape .  Enjoy!

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Be reminded with Beeminder, now on Mashape! Posted 8 months ago


Do you have problems setting new goals and sticking to them?  We’ve just discovered your solution and, guess what, it’s available in an API.  Amazing!

Your goals can be anything quantifiable — weight, pushups, number of cigarettes, or how long it takes you to bike to work.  Answer with your number when Beeminder asks — or connect a physical fitness monitoring device — and the API will show your progress and a Yellow Brick Road to follow to stay on track.

If you go off track, you pledge money to stay on the road the next time.  If you go off track again, Beeminder charges you.  Nothing like an API to keep you fit and your bank account strong.  Try it on Mashape today.