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Marco Palladino
We are happy to announce Kong 0.8.0 with PostgreSQL support, plus two new official plugins and many other improvements:


    PostgreSQL 9.4+ support. You can now choose to use Cassandra or PostgreSQL as Kong’s datastore. New LDAP Authentication plugin. New StatsD logging plugin. Configurable Cassandra read/write consistency. And more.
To update to the latest version, simply follow the installation instructions.

Kong meets PostgreSQL!

  Finally Kong ships with one of the most requested features by the community. You can now choose which underlying datastore you want to use with Kong between Cassandra or PostgreSQL. Cassandra comes with…
Marco Palladino
You have just finished building a nice RESTful API, implemented all the endpoints, and you are ready to make it available to potential developers. Usually the next steps before publishing the API are: Protecting the API, with a security mechanism, ie with an API-key or Basic authentication. Rate-Limit developers, to avoid them making too many requests to your service. Whitelist developers, and allow them to make more requests than the others. With Kong, an open source API gateway, you can easily implement the above features and let it do the hard work for you. And most…
Marco Palladino
The latest update of Kong (0.7.0) ships with some new additions and improvements:


    New Runscope plugin. Rate-Limiting and Response Rate-Limiting plugins now support asynchronous increments with “config.async” to improve performance, and better uptime if the datastore is unavailable with “config.continue_on_error”. Improvements and bug-fixes in the ACL, IP Restriction, SSL and ACL plugins. An important fix in the Docker distribution, which allows to run nginx as a daemon again. And more.
To update to the latest version, simply follow the installation instructions.

Upgrading from < 0.7.x

If you are migrating from an older version of Kong < 0.7.x,…
Hey Mashapers! We are AdMobilize, an early growth technology company headquartered in Miami, FL. We have a preview of technology used in our next platform, MATRIX, available to you. Through Mashape, we are offering access to some of our Face Detection and Analytics API. Our API provides access to our computer vision algorithms, so you can analyze your images and video in real time. Retail spaces, live events, small businesses, and trade shows are just a few venues perfect for gathering data. We provide you with statistics for age, gender, emotion, face count, glance count, and dwell time. We…
Marco Palladino
The latest update of Kong (0.6.1) ships with some fixes and improvements:


    Added a new timeout property for the Cassandra configuration. Cassandra SSL certificates are now properly trusted by Nginx. Allow Cassandra authentication with arbitrary plain text auth providers (required, for example, by Instaclustr). And more.
To update to the latest version, simply follow the installation instructions.

Upgrading from < 0.6.x

If you are migrating from an older version of Kong < 0.6.x, then follow the migration instructions in order to make your Kong cluster functioning after updating to 0.6.x.


We are looking forward to seeing…
Marco Palladino
The latest update of Kong (0.6.0) is a big one, and ships with some important improvements and breaking changes. Before upgrading please carefully follow the recommended Upgrade Guide.

Kong Clustering

Clustering is the most important new feature, which dramatically improves the performance of Kong and represents one of the building blocks that future features and plugins will be built upon. Unlike previous Kong version, Kong >= 0.6.0 nodes pointing to the same datastore must join together to form a Kong Cluster. Kong automates joining and leaving nodes from a cluster, given that the right configuration is being provided.…
Mashape is excited to announce our partnership with Loggly through direct integration with Kong, the most popular open-source API management platform. Kong features a plugin-oriented architecture which allows you to set up authentication, transformations, security, and manage traffic controls. And now with Loggly’s plugin, you can log requests and response data. Loggly is a log management tool that collects your log data using existing open standards like syslog and HTTP; therefore, you no longer have to install a heavy, proprietary collection on every machine. Loggly provides real-time, navigable summaries of log data it automatically parses in addition to powerful search,…
Morgan Davies
It’s the the most wonderful time of the year! In 2015 Mashape launched several products and open source projects, plus we’ve acquired Gelato from an incredible team. To bring in the the New Year we’d like to share with you all the new developments.  


Open-Source API Management Layer

In just 8 months and 500,000 downloads Kong became the most adopted API proxy and #1 starred API tool on Github. Based on NGINX and with over 20 plugins, Kong can replace any legacy solution for free.      


API Analytics Platform

Thousands of API engineers &…
Augusto Marietti new design reflects our mission and the multi products company that we have become during 2015.     In 2011 we launched the first API Marketplace,  which has grown to over 15,000 APIs and 200,000 developers in the community. Since then we’ve built a lot of useful tools for ourself. Last April we decided to spin off several products and make them available to everyone. Starting with open-sourcing Mockbin, Kong and HTTPsnippet, we most recently released Galileo for API Analytics. Late last year we acquired –  our family is now bigger than ever and it was the…
Buzzlogix is Smart Social Media Management software and has recently released the engine behind their tool. Their recently released Text Analysis API based on natural language processing and machine learning, is quickly finding a way into developers’ toolboxes. Buzzlogix allows app developers to integrate into their applications for free (there are also other plans available for larger or growing enterprises.) A key component of this API is the use of natural language processing – a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with understanding the language, or languages humans use to interact with computers. Essentially, this technology allows users to analyze…
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