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Marco Palladino
The latest update of Kong (0.9.1) ships with improvements and bugfixes:


    Extended the API of the ACL and Basic, HMAC, JWT, Key, OAuth2 Authentication plugins to enable easier querying. Fixed a bug caused by the “unlimited” ulimit value. Fixed a bug that prevented the configuration file from being parsed properly. And much more.
To update to the latest version, simply follow the installation instructions.

Docker Official Image

We are happy to announce that Kong finally has an official Docker image, and it’s available in the Docker Hub. You can now use Kong with Docker just by…
Marco Palladino
As we’re approaching 1M downloads we wanted to be sure to build for the long term and support the community with an API Gateway focused on reliability, efficiency and speed. We are happy to announce that Kong 0.9 has been released after a few months of intense refactoring and improvements. This is the biggest release since we started the project, and will set a solid foundation for the months to come. Check the full changelog.

New CLI and Configuration

We are introducing a new CLI and a new configuration format to make Kong easier to use in a bigger…
Morgan Davies
  Mashape is proud to announce an integration with GitHub! In addition to being the largest and most respected Git repository hosting service, GitHub also has an extensive list of tools to help you build software faster and more efficiently. You can now find Gelato, Mashape’s API Dev Portal, listed in GitHub’s Integrations Directory. With Gelato you can create great guides, import documentation from Swagger, API Blueprint, or RAML and experience a feature rich reference editor and automatic API explorer. When combined with Kong, the most popular open source API management platform, Gelato provides a seamless experience for…
Mashape is excited to announce our partnership with Datadog. Through an integration with Kong, the most widely used open-source API management platform, Datadog is now available to everyone in our community. Kong features a plugin-oriented architecture which allows you to set up authentication, transformations, security, and manage traffic controls. With the Datadog plugin you can log API metrics like request count, request size, response status and latency to the local Datadog Agent. Additionally, Datadog’s Agent has been updated to collect Kong’s connection and database details. Kong Plugin Configuration Configuring the plugin is straightforward, you can add it on…
The Galileo Team has been hard at work rebuilding the backend to scale and support the billions of incoming request / response data sent across multiple agents. Due to these infrastructure changes we have decided to make some slight adjustments to our plans. Going forward from today we will no longer be offering the Free Forever plan. The Free Forever plan had a good run and brought some great feedback, but it’s time to move on to a brighter and better platform. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in it. Going forward, after the 14-Day trial, accounts will be…
Nik Wakelin
  In today’s microservices world, it’s not uncommon to be providing many APIs – a Public API, a Partner API, and perhaps even one for the office music server. Starting today Mashape Gelato lets you embrace this new world with our “Multi API” feature. You can now add and document all your APIs (and their various versions) on your Developer Portal. With our lifecycle management features, you can even make sure your Developers are updating their apps to work on the latest version of your API – or warn them when you’re about to Deprecate a version. Awesome!…
Marco Palladino
The latest update of Kong (0.8.3) ships with some bugfixes:


    Fixed an edge case that was preventing new nodes from properly registering themselves into the “nodes” table. Fixed a bug that was occurring when using OAuth 2.0 and Postgres. And more.
To update to the latest version, simply follow the installation instructions.

Cassandra or PostgreSQL?

With the release of Kong 0.8.x you can now finally decide to use either Cassandra or PostgreSQL for storing your data. Cassandra and Postgres are two different databases with different engines that serve different use-cases. We recommend using Cassandra in multi-datacenter setups,…
Bitcoin data aggregator Kaiko will distribute its APIs for price indices, market data and blockchain data over Mashape’s Marketplace. Kaiko’s data is beneficial to everyone involved in the blockchain-based digital currency economy, which has grown from zero to a market cap of nearly USD$6.5 billion in just seven years. The robust APIs cover the key factors driving interest and volatility in bitcoin – price, market trading and transactions – and are ready for use by all developers working in bitcoin, other blockchain-based industries and financial services. “Mashape allows us to focus on the important things, namely collecting and generating…
Marco Palladino
The latest update of Kong (0.8.2) ships with some fixes and improvements:


    The Mashape Analytics plugin is now called “Galileo”, and added support for Galileo v3. The Response Rate Limiting plugin introduces a new “block_on_first_violation” property, and sends usage headers to the upstream APIs. OAuth 2.0 now supports multiple redirect URIs. Fixed many bugs in the Loggly, JWT, Request Transformer, IP Restriction and CORS plugins. And more.
To update to the latest version, simply follow the installation instructions.

PostgreSQL support!

In case you missed the previous announcement, Kong 0.8.x now finally supports both Cassandra and PostgreSQL. You…
Marco Palladino
The first public release of Kong was launched on April 27th, 2015. We are happy to announce that yesterday Kong turned 1 year old, and we are going to take this chance to recap what happened during the long and intense past 12 months.


Kong is the most popular open source API & Microservice management gateway currently on GitHub, having just crossed 5,000 stars. Although Kong is still pre-1.0 its production usage has been growing intensively in the past 12 months, reaching about 40,000 running active instances per month. (The chart above is not cumulative) Kong is…
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