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Augusto Marietti
We have made it easier to consume multiple APIs in one unified experience through Applications for API Consumers. Applications are basically a container where you group all the APIs you’re consuming to get a quick overview, and control them all. With “Applications”, you can:
    Manage And Monitor All Your Consumed APIs From A Simple Dashboard
    Track Volume, Latency or Error Rates In A Snap
    Issue, And Re-Generate API Keys
    Move From Testing To Production Environments
    Configure Payments
  Group all the APIs you’re consuming in one application to get a quick overview, and control them all.…
        Note: Check out our latest API collections page for the list of updated APIs. How many SMS APIs do you know about?  Apparently there are a ton of them, as you can see from the list below!  Hope this helps in your app development. API # Title Link 1 BurstSMS US (Also for Australia, UK, NZ) BurstSMS web API allows you to build apps that can send and receive SMS. Use standard web languages to build applications that speak to global SMS carriers. No need to worry about complex SMPP servers or hosting SMS servers. Just…
Hey Mashapers, We just launched our new version of Mashape (internally, we called it “Mashape 5”) not too long ago. In this new version, we’ve redesigned certain flows on the site which may be different from the previous version (“Mashape 4”). Specifically, we’ve revamped the API documentation design and changed it to a new 3-column layout. To help you guys out, we’ve written up a guide on how to document and publish an API on Mashape. API providers, what are you waiting for? Documenting and publishing your API is just 3 easy steps: Filling in the basic information to
API Security Trooper Credits: It is not uncommon to see APIs being served using the “http://” protocol and it’s sad, real sad. So sad that every time I see it, I feel like crying. I remember going to a hackathon few months ago and the idea of a location based Tinder-like app for LinkedIn popped. The question of whether we would let people sniff data flowing through the ether was raised almost immediately. What if people could tap into your stream over insecure WiFi? The decision was easy. We would implement a secure layer which we would allow the…
Summer is here! At Mashape, we’ve been busy improving and iterating on some new features. But what better way to celebrate the awesome weather with some food, drinks, and API? Whether you’re staying in or heading out, we hope that this list of food and drinks API will be useful for you! For the diet-conscious folks who like to count your calories, skip the food and consume these APIs instead. 😉 Think of the possibilities of linking a wearable device with a food API. You can re-calibrate your targets on the fly based on your food and drinks intake, or…
Christina Ng
Fan of the FIFA World Cup 2014? Thinking of building a quick mashup with data from the World Cup in Brazil? Or, like Gerald Bauer, you’re looking for open data sets for the World Cup in Brazil? We have the solution for you! The Mashape API marketplace now has 3 World Cup related APIs listed on our platform! The Copa do Mundo 2014 – World Cup Brazil API returns groups, games, and overall rankings of the countries playing in the game. It also happens to be in Portuguese, so you might need to translate it to your main language.…
Morgan Davies
Nobody likes to track down the latest version of a contract, hassle with track changes and negotiations, or sign duplicate paper copies.  Contract Live is the first contract-management platform for companies to manage all steps from initiation to contract execution on the cloud. With Contract Live your team receives email and text message alerts for deadlines, summary sheets, and an online library with all your contracts.  The platform combines a simple, secured web mail interface with advanced features that help manage all your contracts, such as suppliers, clients, HR, and partnerships.  Most importantly, Contract Live assists throughout all stages of…
Morgan Davies
HackerRank is a site for hackers to challenge themselves by solving programming problems in different CS domains like algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence.  Presented in categories and challenges, developers learn to excel in different programming paradigms. In addition to HackerRank’s individual challenges, companies can now use the platform to test prospective employees.  Technical phone interviews don’t provide a clear picture of the candidate’s ability.  By utilizing competitive programming contests across a broad spectrum of applications, prospective candidates participate in real time code evaluations. There are three categories and challenges: Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic Challenges, and Code Golf.  Challenges include writing…
Morgan Davies
Gaining access and interpreting your data can be a challenge.  With Xplenty companies of all sizes have the ability to access their Big Data in a simple to use cloud service.  Xplenty’s solution is a code-free Hadoop as a Service platform that allows you to easily create data workflows, provision, monitor and scale clusters.  Mashape is proud to partner with Xplenty and offer their API to our community. Xplenty’s data integration harnesses the power of Hadoop to create an easy to use, scalable ETL service that enables you to prepare structured and semi-structured data for analytics.  You can join data…
Over the past decade their have been a number of different web development paradigms. As the craft of web development has evolved so have the ways of designing and structuring software architecture. API First design is an approach to software development that emphasizes building components of your application as APIs. This approach has a number of advantages:

1. Separation of Concerns

API First design is the formal separation of the front end from the back end. For instance is separated into two github repos, one for the front end and one for the back end, which interact through a…
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