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Morgan Davies
Are you building the next incredible travel platform, or perhaps need to enhance your current travel backend tools?  Mashape is pleased to offer ZUMATA’s real-time pricing, availability, and worldwide booking capabilities. ZUMATA is a B2B SaaS company focused primarily on meta-search, loyalty companies, and online travel agents to improve their operations.  Featuring over 300,000 global hotel properties, with an emphasis on directly sourced agreements in Asia, ZUMATA’s API will maximize your profits per sale. The global travel API offers huge content and easy integration.  By consuming their API through Mashape you’ll have access to Search Hotels (returns hotel rates at…
Montana Flynn
Mashape is proud to introduce Indix and its Product Intelligence Platform to our community.  With the world’s broadest and deepest product database, Indix enables developers to create apps and services that become product aware in real-time. Through Indix’s SaaS and Big Data product intelligence solution, brands and retailers have the ability to explore, analyze, and visualize the world’s product information in real-time including assortment, catalog, channels, competition, prices, promotions, news, social feeds.  With nearly limitless product related information, data businesses can extract data points to fine-tune their product and market landscape; ultimately, outperform the competition.   If you want to win…
Montana Flynn
Are you in a hurry to find the best international shipping rates?  Try Shippo!  We’re pleased to have this amazing service join Mashape’s community.  With Shippo, you can compare shipment and logistic costs for cross-border express parcels and packages of FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL and many others. Small businesses are typically ineligible for bulk rate shipping discounts; however, with Shippo, businesses of all size can easily find affordable solutions.  Prices without bulk discounts are usually 80% higher.  To find the best deals, Shippo connects customers with smaller courier companies, which are often difficult to find and compare, but can provide…
Montana Flynn
Mashape is pleased to have Scoreoid join our community.  The cross platform gaming backend and real-time marketing solution empowers developers with unparalleled engagement and monetization options. Scoreoid is a non-restrictive, reliable and easy to use gaming platform designed to handle scoring, leaderboards and game management.  Additionally, it features advanced functions for multi-platform games, such as content awareness and detailed player management. With Scoreoid’s API developers can shorten game development time and reduce costs.  There is no need to download SDKs and no waiting for updates; best of all, Scoreoid works on numerous platforms including Flash, Unity, HTML5, and Silverlight, among…
Montana Flynn
We’re excited to have Vufind, a social and visual intelligence utility for maximizing marketing and ecommerce conversion, join our community. Vufind is a mobile personalization and predictive intelligence solution based on their Interest Graph (vuGraph); which analyzes and aggregates a user’s opted-in social activities, including visual analytics on photos and videos, to compute the richest persona profile for each user that reflects true intent. The platform’s visual analytics engine is not domain-constrained, meaning Vufind’s solution can focus on any object from any genre, natural or man-made, and deformable (food) or non-deformable (logo, purse, long dress, high-heels, dining room, Disney Castle,…
Chris Ismael
If your university API is not here, please tweet to @mashape.  And on to the list, in no particular order: HarvardEvents – HarvardEvents knows about events from 2009-05-27 onward. New events (or changes to old events) may take up to 24 hours to appear in HarvardEvents’s database. MIT IST (Information Services and Technology) Web APIs – Application developers can integrate with or consume data from these systems using a standard protocol for doing so, instead of using a custom, application-specific protocol (Moira, MITID DB) or raw SQL (Data Warehouse, RolesDB). University of Cambridge Library Data – Returns locally held…
Montana Flynn
We know how hard it is to find great APIs. So we built, an API directory where you can instantly search through thousands of APIs and discover public cloud web services. Here’s what we have waiting for you:
    An infinite scrolling list of over 10,000 APIs Community Support Uptime Status
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Chris Ismael
Api World app in Windows 8 If you’re a Windows 8 developer, install the Api World app for Windows 8.1 now.  From the app description:

Description of API World

APIworld is an application to help developers find the API they need, easily. Developers will get randomly themed APIs and randomly picked APIs to try out. You can also use the Search charm to search for any APIs and the Share charm to share the API they like.


    Random API every time you open the app Search and Share Charm Features
The app was created by Abdullah Abbas aka “socialstalker”,  …
Augusto Marietti
Mashaper Marco Party Crowd DJ Booth More pictures and videos to come!…
Chris Ismael
This post will show you how to get Unirest-java running on your Android projects.  Unirest is a lightweight HTTP client library with port available in many languages. This is a follow-up to “How to install Unirest using the Maven assembly plugin”.  The steps are similar, with the addition of a Maven (shader) plugin that relocates some packages in order to work around dependency errors when using the uber jar in an Android project. (In case you’re interested, the error you’ll get is ”java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: org.apache.http.message.BasicLineFormatter.INSTANCE”). Let’s start: 1.  Follow Steps 1 and 2 from the Unirest-java/Maven tutorial.
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