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Unicorn has become Unirest Posted 12 months ago


Yesterday we released our newest open source project, which we called unicorn, unfortunately that was also the name of two existing open source projects. We really dropped the ball and have been working hard to clean up the mess.  Our apologies to anyone in the Ruby or Python community who was confused or pissed off.  Hopefully you can look past our mistake and see the value in this project.

Since yesterday we have decided on a new name, Unirest, which we think is a great fit for the project. We also made a new website, changed out all the docs, and updated our website which autogenerates unirest API snippets.

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List of 20+ Sentiment Analysis APIs Posted 12 months ago


Just a few days back we posted a List of 40+ Machine Learning APIs.

The APIs below are a Sentiment Analysis subset group from that Machine Learning API list.  Sentiment Analysis refers to “the application of natural language processing, computational linguistics, and text analytics to identify and extract subjective information in source materials.

We hope you’ll it find useful!

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Releasing Unicorn into the wild Posted 12 months ago


UPDATE: We’ve got a lot of comments and suggestions on the ‘Unicorn’ naming. We apologize for the confusion and are working on finding a new name. Have a suggestion? Tweet us @mashape

UPDATE #2: We picked a new name, is up and running.

UPDATE #3: Check our latest post on “Unicorn has become Unirest

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Yoda teaches APIs Posted 1 year ago

Into APIs now, Yoda is…  

Consuming Machine Learning APIs with Python Posted 1 year ago


In this short tutorial we will use Python in our Mac Terminal to consume one of the Machine Learning APIs in this list.  Let’s pick DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo lets us define people, places, things, words, and concepts.  It also provides a list of related topics.  This is very useful if you want to get some context on a certain text.

Although we’re picking DuckDuckGo, note that the steps below also applies to the rest of the APIs in the Machine Learning APIs list, and all Mashape APIs.  That means you can swap in and swap out APIs for your applications easily.

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The Growth Hacking Manifesto Posted 1 year ago


Our very own Montana Flynn has released a new project codenamed the growth hacking manifesto. If you haven’t heard the buzzword yet, you’re probably not living in San Francisco. The project is a complilation of his own notes, experiments, and thoughts on all things user acquisition and retention. If you have a company, product, API, or are remotely interested in tech startups we suggest you take a look.

In the first article, What The FSCK is Growth Hacking?, Montana explains what a growth hacker is and how they change the way we think of user growth. Here’s the TL;DR: A growth hacker is a cross between a developer and marketer.

We hope you enjoy the series, of course if you don’t or think that it’s missing some special sauce please let us know (or you can just yell at @montanaflynn directly on twitter).

List of 40+ Machine Learning APIs Posted 1 year ago


Wikipedia defines Machine Learning as “a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with the construction and study of systems that can learn from data.”  

(If you arrived here looking how to add or list an API to Mashape, you check out the Tutorials section here).

Below is a compilation of APIs that have benefited from Machine Learning in one way or another, we truly are living in the future so strap into your rocketship and prepare for blastoff.

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AI Netizens: The State of Agents Online Posted 1 year ago

Watch Jeff Kramer’s (@jeffk) talk on the… “history of agents and bots, and how we design and develop bot platforms for the future. We touch on MUD and IRC bots, Weavrs, Siri, Google Now, the Internet of Things, PaaS architectures, the API of Me, Xenobi and a bunch of other things”

On Mashape, Jeff makes an interesting point on the purpose of an API Marketplace to facilitate the transferability of processing units through APIs.  He uses the Chatterbox Sentiment Analysis API as an example.

You can watch the talk below (and skip to the Mashape part here).

Congratulations to Ronaldo Barbachano for winning our Mashape April API Hack!  He used the Speech2Topic API from Yactraq and created a visualization tool to show topics as they occur on a video while it’s playing.  He won a Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0!  

You can try his application here and here.

Until our next hackathon!

APIs based on Machine Learning Posted 1 year ago


Here are some Mashape APIs based on Machine Learning to prepare you for our April Hackathon tomorrow (April 6th).

Example of Face Recognition using Javascript:

Example of Yactraq Video Topic Extraction using Javascript:

Nodejs wrapper for Yactraq

Creating social “Signals” with Ping.It

Example of a Face Recognition login page