Mashape received $1.5M seed funding to become the App Store of APIs!

We are thrilled to announce $1.5M in seed funding from an impressive group of investors, both institutional and angels. The round was led by NEA, with a strong participation from Index Ventures. In addition Charles River Ventures and Ignition Partners have participated in the syndicate as well. At the same time, we also have some Angels who participated in the round, including Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, Erik Rannala (Admob, Heroku, 99design), Russell Siegelman (KPCB and Microsoft) and Rick Webb (TheBarbarianGroup), amongst many.

We can finally grow Mashape and provide better services for all our users. We’re moving from a “garage style” company to something a bit more serious ;-)

I believe we’re just at the beginning of our road. I believe the market of APIs is just starting to take shape. I believe we’ll have a roller coaster ride ahead of us.

We have a very long term vision. We believe APIs will play a major role in the world of Information Technology for the years to come – the interesting part is that even companies which do not have Internet as their core business are now integrating APIs into their products, such Toyota or Nike. If we take a look into the startups that have more than 30 people, we notice that most of them are hiring 2 new positions: API evangelist and API engineer. Those positions would never have existed 3 years ago. A new market is coming.

Mashape will use the funds to aggressively hire creative software designers, accelerate product development, and boost growth.

“There is a lot to do, a lot to learn” – Ayrton Senna.

Mashape receives seed funding



Augusto Marietti is the CEO and co-founder of Mashape. Originally from Rome, Italy, Marietti at the age of 19, founded MemboxX, one of the first data storage services in Europe in early 2007. In 2009, Marietti co-founded Mashape in a garage in Milan, Italy. The company quickly moved to San Francisco, USA, and raised $1.6M in funding from prominent institutional investors including New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Index Ventures and individuals including Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt's Innovation Endeavors. Marietti holds a BSc in Economics from the Catholic University of Milan.

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