Mashape at Data 2.0 Conference

The Data 2.0 Conference is a one-day conference on April 4, 2011, in San Francisco that answers the question: How can improved access to data impact your industry? The U.S. government is opening up its data; social networks are exposing their APIs; and data-as-a-service is a new and growing business model.  How can you use this data to better target new customers? What are new business models for your data? Data 2.0 tackles the big questions about the growing importance of data in business.

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The world’s largest data challenge, the $3 million Heritage Health Prize, will launch at the conference on April 4. Data analysts will compete to predict health outcomes using hospital data. This is the largest data challenge since the Netflix Prize.

Speakers include Nick Halstead, founder of DataSift; Joe Lonsdale, co-founder of Palantir; Vivek Wadhwa, columnist for BusinessWeek and contributor to TechCrunch; Jay Adelson, CEO of SimpleGeo; Gil Elbaz, CEO of Factual; representatives from Google, Microsoft, and over 40 more.

Data 2.0 conference

Mashape is in one of the 25 startups selected to participate.

Welcome to the new world of cloud data, it will be exciting!



Mashape is the largest API hub in the world where you can consume, distribute, monitor and monetize your public and private APIs. Mashape powers 10,000 public & private APIs in every major industry, including finance, healthcare, and entertainment. We’re a Series A startup backed by Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Eric Schmidt (Google), Stanford University and top tier VC firms including Index Ventures, NEA and CRV.

Thank you all for joining us at API World 2013 #APIWorld13

It was great meeting everyone at API World!  We had a whopping turnout of 1000+ developers and delivered tons of tracks.  Next year will be bigger! Here are a

API Launchpad companies at #APIWorld13

At API Launchpad yesterday in APIWorld, 6 companies launched their new APIs.  Check them out below (and links to their presentation slides too!): Drillster provides an online memorization platform.

API World Is One Week Away!

API World is just around the corner; thankfully, tickets are still available to this amazing event.  Get your tickets now!  You don’t want to miss one of the many

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