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Image RecognitionImage recognition APIs allow you to build apps that let you identify objects, brand logos, products, and more, from images.  The list of image recognition APIs below come in different sizes and flavors, so do check them out!

  1. Camfind – Image recognition back-end for the popular app CamFind. Take advantage of the leading image recognition platform through an easy to use web API.
  2. Vufind Recognize – Vufind Recognize is a real-time image recognition API for classification and monetization of photos and videos. Recognize uses object recognition to uncover meaning and metadata of photos and videos for contextual image commerce and advertising.
  3. Kooaba – Our cloud-based image recognition solutions
  4. make it easy to integrate state-of-the-art visual recognition in your apps.
  5. – Create your own mobile application with image recognition technology. Choose from unlimited interaction possibilities.
  6. Moodstocks – Supersonic image recognition for your mobile apps.
  7. Catchoom – Build Catchoom image recognition into your apps and link physical objects to customized digital experiences.
  8. LTU Technologies (Cloud API) – A visual search API to recognize paintings, movie posters, CD covers, game covers, products and more.
  9. Imagga API – is the programming interface to our image recognition and processing technologies available as a set of web services
  10. TinEye API – TinEye is a reverse image search engine. You can submit an image to TinEye to find out where it came from, how it is being used or if modified versions of the image exist. TinEye uses image recognition to perform its searches
  11. Pictorria – is a platform for sharing image recognition algorithms.
  12. Picitup API – Bridge the gap between online and offline shopping with visual product search
  13. Orpix – offers vehicle and logo recognition as a web service
  14. – an elegant API for processing and analyzing images
  15. LogoGrab – Let your customers scan your logo wherever found to access engaging content such as promotions, social awareness material or direct purchase links.
  16. Viscovery – Unlike fuzzy search the Viscovery API promises to bring you the most accurate results.  Enabling Web-based content management allows a developer to add and edit images for searching.
  17. Fashionbase – Image Server is a scalable and automated image recognition service.

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