Augusto Marietti

Last month Mashape launched Kong to provide the world with a free and open source API and Microservice management platform. We would like to share some general stats to the community since it’s a project that belongs to everyone.

The general response has exceeded our expectations; in fact, we’ve also noticed how much work we still have in order to give to the API ecosystem a solid and expandable API management platform.

             – First 30 Days –


Github stars: 1,459 (making it the most popular OSS API management solution)

Github forks: 78

Gitter Chat: 82 members

Emailing List: 320 developers




Downloads: 3,300 (real downloads from Docker, Debian, etc – no bots)

Nodes started with Kong: 2,095

Unique IP: 405

Most used distribution: Ubuntu




Biggest Node Kong is running on: 48 CPU cores

Most used setup per Node: 4 CPU cores

Logged errors: 422,150


Map View

Kong is being used in over 100 countries, in South Africa there are three unique IPs.


Thanks for the support and the adoption. If you need any help pls ping us in the chat!


Kong is free and open for everyone


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