Marco Palladino

The latest update of Kong (0.4.0) includes some new exciting features, including:


To update to the latest version, simply follow the installation instructions.

Roadmap to 0.5.0

The next major release will need to address some very important feature requests asked by the community, including:

It will also be a chance for all of us to review some fundamentals of Kong, and clean the road a little a bit. Specifically, we would like to spend some more time on the documentation, tutorials and distribution packages, to make it easier to launch a Kong cluster in production.

Call to arms!

We are looking for more core maintainers of Kong, who share our same passion of making microservices more secure and easier to maintain. If you are in San Francisco, come by at 500-A Montgomery Street (Mashape HQ) anytime for a coding session. It’s going to be an opportunity to talk about technology, microservices and brainstorm on some problems that we are trying to fix.

Kong Meetup Maps

Thank you again for coming to our second KONG meetup in San Francisco last week. Please join our group or create a new one near you Kong meetups map.


Curious about the new version?


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