Marco Palladino

We are pleased to announce one of the most anticipated releases of Kong ever. Kong 0.10.0 includes exciting new features that have been heavily requested by the community and our enterprise customers – plus we’ve improved performance yet again!

There’s no way we could cover everything new in one blog post, but we wanted to share a few highlights:



View the full changelog.

Kong Enterprise Feature Preview

Kong Enterprise is the paid offering from Mashape that includes Kong, Developer Portal, and API Analytics features – plus enterprise-grade 24/7 support. Contact us to learn more.


Be sure to carefully read the Upgrade Guide, as 0.10 introduces a few breaking changes.

Try Kong 0.10

You are invited to contribute to the Kong project by reporting issues and submitting pull requests. Please join the core maintainers and the Kong community on Gitter and the Kong mailing list.

We hope you enjoyed this good news everyone,
The Mashape Team

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