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We recently rolled out a new feature on Mashape that is going to revolutionize the way you add APIs on Mashape. Many of you have requested this feature, and we are super stoked to announce that you can now invite developers to consume and interact with your private/ secret APIs.

As the owner of the API, you can handpick from a list of Mashape users and reveal your private API to the few selected secret agents.

Finding the invite option is easy. Simply click on “Invite devs to your API” at the bottom left of the settings menu of the API.

Invite developers to consume secret API

“Invite devs to your API” (Bottom of settings menu)

On the invite modal, simply search and invite a friend or colleague to collaborate on your API – double the action, double the fun!

"That's my coworker. Let me invite him to my secret APIs"

“That’s my coworker. Let me invite him to my secret API”

Should you need to revoke access to the secret API for any developers, you can block them from your API on in the developer settings.

Easily block developer access to your API

Easily block developer access to your API

Let us know what you think about the feature! Tweet us @mashape, or leave us a message on our Facebook or Google+ page!


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