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Augusto Marietti
Stormtrooper Santa…
Augusto Marietti
Join us! Image credit: Mashape is looking for a (UI/UX) designer that can outshine Leonardo Da Vinci. Our perfect candidate is an artist and and a poet truly passionate about imagining the future around users experiences and visual design. You will have the opportunity to have a huge impact as an early member. Responsibilities:
    Create a graphic system for the Design/Create new site graphics Improve UI elements around every single pixel Develop pixel perfect Photoshop comps Create an advance site-wide style guide Storyboard/prototype UX experiences
    Fast in Photoshop/Illustrator Excellent use of typography Outstanding sense of color Details
Augusto Marietti
Stormtroopers working on Mashape updates Image credit: While we are working hard on lots of big features for the upcoming version of Mashape, we’ve pushed out a small change that was highly requested. Now, you can finally login using your email or your username (case insensitive) Login using your email or your username Stay tuned.. something big is about to happen!…
Augusto Marietti
Hello developers! Today, Rapleaf is officially launching the Personalization Fund, a $1 million dollar fund dedicated to supporting developers who are creating projects around data and personalization. As a member of the Mashape community, you will receive priority access to the Rapleaf fund’s resources. You can use and access the Rapleaf API here: The Rapleaf Personalization Fund will help entrepreneurs, developers, and early stage startups get the tools and resources they need to get up and running by providing cash grants, free data, and more. Rapleaf is accepting applications on a rolling basis from developers who are interested in…
Augusto Marietti
We are thrilled to announce $1.5M in seed funding from an impressive group of investors, both institutional and angels. The round was led by NEA, with a strong participation from Index Ventures. In addition Charles River Ventures and Ignition Partners have participated in the syndicate as well. At the same time, we also have some Angels who participated in the round, including Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, Erik Rannala (Admob, Heroku, 99design), Russell Siegelman (KPCB and Microsoft) and Rick Webb (TheBarbarianGroup), amongst many. We can finally grow Mashape and provide better services for all…
Augusto Marietti
Stormtroopers working on Mashape updatesImage credit: We added a small but useful update for heavy communicators! Now, you can see the number of unread messages you have in your inbox. Time to resolve those issues! 🙂 Visual cue in Inbox…
Augusto Marietti
Stormtroopers working on Mashape updates Image credit: This week we pushed out some new interesting features 🙂

Mashape Updates:

We  have completely redesigned the Inbox experience. Now you can contact and interact with your developers faster and easier. New Mashape Inbox  
    New Wizard
Now the wizard is more a Panel where you can easily manage your API. There are no 1,2,3 steps anymore, just go to fill up what you want to fill up. API management wizard  
    Custom Links
If you want to give custom access to your APIs, you have to just click the “Get…
Augusto Marietti
Hi all! After almost 6 months of alpha testing, Mashape is finally going Beta today! We pushed out the billing system to easily monetize your API, as well as some social features that allows you to follow APIs and other developers. Check out some of the news coverage we got below! From Mashable: For startups looking to create or license their web-based products, an API marketplace is a boon. It allows for quick publicizing and discovery of APIs, and lets its users easily match them to developers’ needs. Mashape is also launching a simple billing system and social features…
Augusto Marietti
Check out our new Mashape explainer video below and leave us your feedback! Enjoy 🙂  …
Augusto Marietti
Stormtroopers working on Mashape updatesImage credit: The last month we’ve been working on two highly requested Mashape updates which we’re excited to announce today:
    Mashapers can now follow each other: follow everyone! We’ve added an Hacker Feed in your Dashboard and a “Follow” button on every user profile, so you can always be up to date on what the other Mashapers are doing. For example: when they publish or update an API, or when they start hacking on a new API you never heard before. Starting from today, Mashape is also a social API marketplace 🙂 This is the
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