BREAKING: Microsoft agrees to deliver all their APIs via Mashape

Today Microsoft and Mashape is announcing a partnership where all APIs by Microsoft, from Windows to Bing, will be delivered via Mashape. Starting tomorrow we’ll have 56 more APIs, thanks to MSFT.

Also, they will monetize all their API calls by utilizing our simple billing system. It’s amazing to have us as an additional distribution channel. Here at Mashape, we’re still in shock.

Tomorrow, you will see an official press release from Steve Ballmer, MSFT’s CEO.



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The Ten API Commandments

Ten API Commandments: Thou shall not use oauth 1.0 Thou shall not kill an API Thou shall not deprecate endpoints Thou shall document thy API Thou shall not return

A Cheesy Valentine API Story!

I tried to finish my homework that night.  Physics was my cup of tea.  It would have been a 5-minute endeavor to compute the gravitational attraction force between the Sun and

It’s time to deploy some serious stuff..

..with my new 10dbi antenna

Happy April Fools’ Day!

In case you haven’t realised, our post yesterday about the Mashape & Microsoft partnership was an April Fools prank. (we’d love for it to be true though!) PS. Use the