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AT&T Developer Program Online Hackathon!

An online hackathon from our friends at the AT&T Developer Program!  Check it out below:

Alright hackers,

Here is the online hackathon challenge: Build a multiplayer game that involves two or more phones. Why? Haven’t you wanted to play games with the people in the same room but couldn’t? Something as simple as Tap of War would be awesome. Use Unity, phonegap + pubnub or the framework of your choice to build the app and remember that the fun factor matters the most in this competition especially if you can support massive multiplayer mode.

Helper Links

Challenge Requirements

What’s the prize?

The top prize will be that Wild Tangent will help you finish the MVP of your game.

Where do you submit your game? Please submit your entry by 8AM PST on 11/01/13 via this link:

When will the winners be announced? 11/08/13

Do you have questions? Please email me at with questions.

Good luck!

Alex Donn

AT&T Developer Program

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