And the winner is…

Winner TrophyLast November, we ran a Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8 Developer Challenge in parts of Southeast Asia.   We got really cool submissions of apps that use APIs in Mashape.  Thanks to everyone who registered and submitted their entries!  We have now picked our winner, and another special (surprise!) winner :)

Congratulations to Alexander Wong Mun Choong of Malaysia for his Blippy Deal Windows 8 app!  He won a Surface RT with Touch Cover.  Here’s what he has to say…

“I am a student from Asia Pacific University which recently graduated from degree in computing. I was honored to be able to win the Mashape Windows 8 Developer Contest and I would like to thank Mashape for organizing such an awesome event.

It was my first time developing a mobile app that consumes APIs and Mashape provided a handful of resources and tutorials which make learning much easier for me.

In my time of development, I encountered a few problems with the API. However, the support line from Blip A Deal was great. Within 2 days, they fixed the bugs in their API for me. Here I would like to take a chance to thank Mr. Sidnei Budiman, technical support from Blip A Deal, for his hard work and efforts for making it real.”

We would also like to recognize Abdullah Abbas (also from Malaysia!) and award him with a (surprise) US$250 Mashape Community Award for his unwavering support and proactive contribution to the Mashape developer community (since he joined the W8 challenge).  He has continuously added numerous APIs to Mashape and built apps on top of them :)  Here’s his message to everyone…

“I would like to thank Mashape for giving me this recognition (Seriously, I’m very surprised :D). It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to join such a community where I can do what I love, and at the same time make my development much more easier and have fun (Read: How to Monetize your API in minutes using Mashape’s Billing Addon). I’ve “mashed-up” more than 15 APIs, (9 published, a lot of it still hidden from you guys), published 5 apps in 2 different platforms (Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8) in less than a month!  Not only that, from the APIs you can easily generate sample applications on Java, PHP, Phyton, Ruby, as well as Obj-C! Only Mashape provides those features.  They also love feedback!

I’m a proud Mashaper! (I hope you are too!  If not, you should join now!)  I hope you guys will also contribute more to Mashape!”

We would like to thank all the participants and congratulate Alexander and Abdullah!  We’re looking forward to another developer challenge hopefully soon!  Stay tuned in our Facebook and Twitter :)

- Chris



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